GANDHI: A Comprehensive Study for UPSC Civil Services Examinations

GANDHI: A Comprehensive Study for UPSC Civil Services Examinations

Author : Pavneet Singh

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  • ISBN : 9789355015266
  • Pages : 180
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2023
  • Size : 6.5 X 9.25

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This year, we are celebrating the 150 birth anniversary of Gandhi and the 75 anniversary of India's independence. Every year, a few questions are asked directly from the life and ideology of Gandhi in preliminary and/or mains examinations. Apart from this, another set of questions are asked in GS papers which require the knowledge of Gandhi's contribution to the making of modern India - these are indirect questions or questions which touch the life and teachings of the great man. Moreover, Gandhi is a frequent subject of questions asked

during the interviews after the prelims and mains, where candidates' capability of absorbing and applying Gandhian principles is often tested. Thus, virtually, at every stage of the UPSC exam, Gandhi's thoughts and actions are fertile grounds for questions. It is, therefore, imperative for the students to have a deep understanding about Gandhi, his thoughts and influence.

This book presents an original and provocative analysis of Gandhi's contributions and enlightens the readers with Gandhian views on ethics, education, religion, human nature and society. The book gives its readers a thorough understanding of Gandhian thoughts which focused on the ultimate welfare of humanity. Thus, apart from the civil services aspirants, the book will be useful for other examinations which test general studies and for anybody who is interested in learning about the Mahatma!

An all-encompassing coverage of Gandhi's life, teachings, thoughts, and actions inside one book

Structured presentation of the content under Historical, Governance, Ethical, Economic and Social perspectives

A chapter (Chapter 20) containing questions which have been asked in the UPSC examination since 1979 including practice questions

Why This Book and How To Use The Book?

Unit 1: Gandhi and his Historical Perspective
1. Gandhi: The Man, Myth and The Legend
2. Overview of Gandhian Thoughts and Terminology Analysis
3. Gandhi: the Years of Satyagraha that Changed India

Unit 2: Gandhi and his Governance Perspective
4. Gandhian Perspective of State, Political and Social Order
5. Gandhian Perspective of Hind Swaraj and Political Development
6. Gandhian Perspective of Swaraj and Governance Strategies
7. Gandhian Perspective of Nationalism and Contemporary Perspectives

Unit 3: Gandhi and his Ethical Perspective
8. Gandhian Perspective of Satyagraha and Human Values
9. Gandhian Perspective of Nonviolence and Ethical Civilisational Values
10. Gandhian Perspective of Sarvodaya and Ethical Developmental Models
11. Gandhian Perspective of Ethical Education and New Education Policy-2020

Unit 4: Gandhi and his Economic Perspective
12. Gandhian Perspectives on Modernity in the age of Artificial Intelligence
13. Economist Gandhi, Swadeshi and Atmanirbhar Bharat in Postpandemic Order
14. The Perspectives, Approaches of Trusteeship and Creative Economic Tensions

Unit 5: Gandhi and his Social Perspective
15. Gandhian Perspective on Communal Unity and Removal of Untouchability 
16. Gandhian Perspective on Women Empowerment and Regeneration
17. Gandhian Perspective on Environmentalism and Climate Change

Unit 6: Pax Gandhiana Gandhi and his Political Theory Perspective
18. Pax Gandhiana: Gandhi and Purushartha
19. Gandhi Through Karl Marx, Machiavelli, Ambedkar and Rawls Theory of Justice

Unit 7: Previous Years UPSC Questions in Prelim, Main and Essay From
20. Previous Years UPSC Questions

UPSC and other state PSC examination

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