Indian Polity And Governance : For UPSC Civil Services and State PSC Examinations

Indian Polity And Governance : For UPSC Civil Services and State PSC Examinations

Author :Nitin Shivhare

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  • ISBN : 9789355017086
  • Pages : 496
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2023
  • Size : 8”x10.5”

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To say anything about the relevance of Indian Polity & Governance in civil service(s) examination would be like stating the obvious. However, change is the only constant thing in this ephemeral  world of ours and so it is with UPSC and the pattern of civil services examination. The present status  of GS can be best summed up by quoting Charles Dickens when he wrote that ';it was the best of  times, it was the worst of times'. While on one hand, sweeping changes in the pattern of questioning  and less than kind marking in all papers including optional has shaken the confidence of the most  ardent of its advocates, on the other hand however, the indelible presence of a substantial portion of  Indian Polity in all papers has proved it beyond doubt that you can love it or hate it but you can never  be indifferent towards it.

This edition presents the dynamic aspect of Indian Polity - the living, breathing, ever-changing, ever-challenging democratic environment which is as complex, as elusive and as mind boggling as the realities of India itself. Democracy, one can say, is the arena where the various theories and principles  wrestle, grapple and jostle with each other to prove their pertinence and justify their existence! This  book has been done in an equally diligent and devoted manner for revealing the complexities while  retaining the simplicity of the subject in hand. I hope the present work will prove to be a fascinating,  informative and enriching read for both students and casual but curious readers alike.

  • Divided into 2 parts: Indian Polity and Governance.
  • Dynamic coverage of important concepts
  • Solved Previous Year Questions placed after important concepts.
  • Revision charts for easy learning.
  • Critical Analysis of Constitutional Acts and Amendments


1. Indian Constitution - Historical Underpinnings, Evolution
2. The Preamble
3. Union & its Territory
4. Indian Citizenship
5. Fundamental Rights
6. Fundamental Duties
7. Directive Principles of State Policy
8. Union Executive
9. State Executive
10. Ministries and Departments of The Government
11. Union Legislature
12. State Legislature
13. Indian Judiciary 
14. Federal Structure, Devolution of Power 
15. Emergency Provisions
16. Constitutional Bodies 
17. Quasi Judicial Bodies
18. Elections
19. Comparison of The Indian Constitutional Scheme with that of other Countries
20. Towards Holistic Panchayati Raj
21. National Commission for Women 


1. Governance
2. Separation of Powers
3. Regulatory Authorities in India 
4. Civil Services Board
5. Role of Civil Services in a Democracy
6. Pressure Groups
7. Important Welfare Schemes and The Constitutional Provisions


For UPSC Civil Services and State PSC Examinations

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