NCERT at your FINGERTIPS World History : For UPSC & State PSC Civil Services Examinations (Prelims + Main), 1/e

NCERT at your FINGERTIPS World History : For UPSC & State PSC Civil Services Examinations (Prelims + Main), 1/e

Author : Raj Malhotra

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  • ISBN : 9789358702965
  • Pages : 132
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2024
  • Size : 8”x10.5”

Price : 249.00 199.20

World History provides a concise overview of modern European history, covering key political, social, and economic events from the Renaissance to the Cold War. It discusses the Renaissance, Reformation, and Counter-Reformation, American and Latin American revolutions, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, European nation-state formation, 19th-century ideologies, World War I, the Russian Revolution, the Great Depression, Nazism and Fascism, World War II, the Cold War, the Chinese Revolution, the Vietnam War, and decolonization.

This book is a comprehensive and informative overview of modern world history. It is an essential reading for UPSC CSE aspirants, and anyone interested in the history of Europe or the development of the modern world.

  • Comprehensive coverage of major events in modern European history
  • Provides historical context and key insights in each chapter.
  • Well-researched and up-to-date information

  • Renaissance Reformation Counter-Reformation
  • The American War of Independence
  • Revolution in Latin America
  • French Revolution
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Vienna Congress and Unification of Italy
  • Unification of Germany
  • Different Ideologies: Socialism and Imperialism
  • World War - I
  • Russian Revolution, 1917
  • The Great Depression
  • Nazism and Fascism
  • World War - II
  • Cold War
  • Chinese Revolution, 1949
  • Vietnam War
  • Decolonization
  • Renaissance
  • Why Renaissance began in Italy.
  • Revival of Classical Literature
  • Humanism
  • Renaissance Art
  • Renaissance Sculpture
  • Development of Science
  • Results of the Renaissance
  • Geographical Discoveries
  • Sea Route
  • Portugal and Spain Rivalry
  • Other Geographical Discoveries
  • The Reformation and Counter-Reformation
  • Protestant Reforms
  • Counter-Reformation
  • Effects of Reformation
  • Referred Sources

UPSC & State PSC Civil Services Examinations (Prelims & Main)

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