The Making of Modern India: From 1498 to the Modern Times, 1/e

The Making of Modern India: From 1498 to the Modern Times, 1/e

Author : Ajay Shukla

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  • ISBN : 9789355015044
  • Pages : 456
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2023
  • Size : 6.5 X 9.25

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While the book attempts to give a historical account of events that have shaped India since the advent of the Portuguese in 1498, it is not merely a chronicle of the past events. The author has taken care not only to cover the events of historical signicance which happened in the Indian subcontinent, but has also made an attempt to reassess the burgeoning body of newer evidence to throw fresh light on some of these. In the process, at times, a lesser-known fact has also come to the surface - many of these, according to the author, deserve a more detailed - and at times a more nuanced, and often an altogether different - exposition to understand the ow of events in a more holistic manner. Thus, the book will engage and encourage its readers in discovering new ideas and knowledge and motivate them to dig deep into Indian History! The content and the treatment of the book would make it immensely useful in the preparation for the General Studies-I (Paper-II) of Main Examination as well as the Preliminary Examination (General Studies Paper-I) conducted by the UPSC every year. Aspirants with History as optional subject would also benet from the book as would the UG and PG students of History and the lay person with an interest in History. While writing the papers, most often, UPSC aspirants need to explore and deeply analyse multidimensional aspects of historical events and synthesise simple, logical and to-the-point answers from the complicated layers of historical events. This skill would eventually be tested and used in the real life by the budding civil servants who would move later into the higher echelons of bureaucracy.

Lucid presentation and free-owing language, including 10 maps.
Narration of a large number of lesser known and little talked about, but important and interesting facts which played a critical role in shaping Indian history. 
Objective analysis of events, and thoughts that led to those events, from a modern perspective in the political, social, and economic context.
Philosophical discussion on religious issues.

• Preface
• List of Anachronistic and Modern
• Names of the Places Mentioned in the Book
• List of Maps
1. Advent of the Europeans
The Portuguese The Dutch The British The French
2. Disintegration of the Mughal Empire
The Mughal State Decline of the Mughals Fault Lines of the Mughal State
3. Inception of British Ascendancy
Domination Over Bengal   The Battle of Buxar The Company's Administration of Bengal Robert Clive
4. The Maratha Empire
Foundation Supremacy Analysis of Disintegration Decline and Collapse Impact of the Marathas
5. British Ascent to Dominance
Sovereignty of the British Crown The Governor-General Britain Till 1833 Evolution of Education Policy
6. The Revolt of 1857
Foundations of the Revolt Reforms and the Revolt Character of the Revolt Factors of Failure Impact of the Revolt
7. Reform Movements
Prelude to the Reform Movements Commencement of the Reform Movements European Inspiration and Reaction Arya Samaj Impact of Reform Movements
8. Rise of Nationalism
Britain After 1832 Foundation of the Congress
9. Launch of the Freedom Movement
Congress 1885-1905 Swadeshi Movement Muslim Separatism
10. Commencement of Gandhian Movements
The First World War Gandhism India and the First World War Rowlatt Act  Non-Cooperation/Khilafat Movement
11. Struggle for Freedom
Britain 1919-1939 Nehru Report Simon Commission Irwin Declaration Civil Disobedience Movement Analysis of the Movement Revolutionary Militancy Gandhi and the Social Movements  Act of 1935
12. Freedom and Partition
The Second World War Cripps Proposal Road to Pakistan Quit India Movement
Subhash Chandra Bose Communism in India Wavell Plan Cabinet Mission Independence Partition
13. The Princely States
1757-1818: Alliance to Subordination 1818-57: Subjugation to Annexation  1858-1905: Consolidation to Cooperation Doctrine of One Charge 1905-21: Pacication to Alliance 1921-39: Coalition and Collaboration 1939-47: Dissociation and Abandonment  Accession and Integration Assimilation and Reorganisation
14. Economic History: The Agrarian Sector
Rise of Zamindars Agricultural Mercantilism Land Reforms Rise of the Middle Class Agrarian Economy After Independence
15. Economic History: Industry and Trade
Rise of Capitalism Industrial Colonisation of India Pre-War Industrial Developments
Industrialisation of India Drain of Wealth Industrial Economy Since Independence
16. India and the Modern World
The Nehru Period Period of Realignment India Today

UPSC and other state PSC examitation

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