Ecology Environmental Science and Conservation

Ecology Environmental Science and Conservation

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  • ISBN : 9789383746002
  • Pages : 944
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2015
  • Size : 6.75'' x 9.5''

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Over the years, the scope of our scientific understanding and technical skills in ecology and environmental science have widened significantly, with increasingly greater emphasis on societal issues. In this book, an attempt has been made to give basic concepts of ecology, environmental science and various aspects of natural resource conservation. The topics covered primarily deal with environmental factors affecting organisms, adaptations, biogeography, ecology of species populations and species interactions, biotic communities and ecosystems, environmental pollution, stresses caused by toxics, global environmental change, exotic species invasion, conservation of biodiversity, ecological restoration, impact assessment, application of remote sensing and geographical information system for analysis and management of natural resources, and approaches of ecological economics. The main issues have been discussed within the framework of sustainability, considering humans as part of ecosystems, and recognising that sustainable development requires integration of ecology with social sciences for policy formulation and implementation.

Part-I: Ecology and Environment
• Ecology and Environmental Sustainability • Solar Radiation and Temperature • Water Relations • Soil and Belowground Interactions • Fire Ecology and Disturbance  • Adaptations, Ecotypes and Genecology • Biogeography and Life Zones  

Part-II: Population and Community
• Populations: Characteristics, Growth and Regulation, Dynamics and Genetics • Species Interactions • Community: Nature, Structure, Attributes and Control • Methods of Sampling Vegetation and Data Analysis • Community Dynamics:  Succession

Part-III: Ecosystem Ecology
• Ecosystem: Structure, Function and Processes • Primary Productivity and Detritus Pool • Energy Transfers Beyond Primary Producers • Global Biogeochemical Cycles and Human Impact • Ecosystem Nutrient Cycling • Terrestrial Biomes and Aquatic Areas

Part-IV: Environmental Pollution
• Air and Noise Pollution • Water Pollution • Soil Pollution-metals, Pesticides, Isotopes and Wastes • Ecotoxicology

Part-V: Global Change
• Global Environmental Change • Biological Invasion: Process, Impacts and Prevention 

Part-VI: Natural Resources and Biodiversity
• Natural Resources: Human Impacts and Conservation • Biodiversity: Magnitude, Functions and Services, Threatened Species and Conservation • Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System 

Part-VII: Environment and Society
• Ecological Restoration • Environmental Impact Assessment • Sustainable Development and Ecological Economics • Human Population and Urbanization

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