Modern Practical Botany Vol-II

Modern Practical Botany Vol-II

Author : B P Pandey

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  • ISBN : 9788121909204
  • Pages : 515
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 1979
  • Size : 6.75''X9.5''

Price : 525.00 420.00

• This book is thoroughly revised and enlarged fifth edition. This volume covers the syllabus of UGC model curriculum and the syllabus prescribed in other Indian Universities situated in different parts of the country.
• It has been divided into two units :Diversity of seeds plants and Their Systematics ;Structure, Development and Reproduction in Flowering Plants.

• Several new descriptions and laboratory exercises have beed added.

Laboratory Methods | Gymnosperms | Fossil Plants | The Plant Body | Preparing And Caring For A Herbarium Collection | System Of Classification Of Angiosperms | How To Describe An Angiospermic Plant Glossary With Illustrations,Structure Of Angiosperms| Description Of Angiospermic Plants In Semitechnical Language|Plant Physiology|Anatomy Of Angiosperms|Ecological Anatomy And Ecology|Economic Botany|Embryology Of Angiosperms|Special Mode Of Reproduction|Vegetative Reproduction And Micropropagation In Flowering Plants|Germination Of Non-Dormant And Dormant Seeds/Glossary

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