Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Vol.I

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Vol.I

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  • ISBN : 9789355010995
  • Pages : 1416
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2022
  • Size : 6.5 X 9.25

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Advanced Inorganic Chemistry - Volume I is a concise book on basic concepts of inorganic chemistry. It acquaints the students with the basic principles of chemistry and further dwells into the chemistry of main group elements and
their compounds. It primarily caters to the undergraduate courses (Pass and Honours) offered in Indian universities.

• More than 350 figures to facilitate understanding of concepts
• Over 700 questions from various university examinations and close to 900 multiple choice questions at the end of the book to test understanding of the concepts

Part-I: Basic Principles of Chemistry: 1. Quantum Mechanical Concepts of Atomic Structure: Rutherford's and Bohr's Atomic Models, 2. Wave Mechanical
Concepts of Atomic Structure, 3. Periodic Table, 4. Electronic Configuration of Elements, 5. Atomic Properties: Periodic Properties, 6. Radioactivity, 7. Isotopes,
Isotones, Isobars and Nuclear Isomers, 8. Nuclear Chemistry: Chemistry of the Nucleus, 9. Nuclear Reactions, 10. Different Types of Chemical Bonds, 11. Molecular Orbital Theory of Simple Diatomic Molecules and Ions, 12. Valence - Shell Electron - Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) Theory: Shape of Molecules and Ions, 13. Hybridization and its Different Types, 14. Structure and Shape of Molecules / Ions Containing only Sigma Bonds, 15. Structure and Shape of Molecules/ Ions Containing Sigma as well as Pi Bonds, 16. Structure of Solids, 17. Redox Reactions, 18. Electrode Potentials and Electrochemical Series, 19. Concepts of Acids and Bases, 20. General Principles of Extraction of Metals and Furnances, 21. Nomenclature of Inorganic Compounds, 
Part-II: Chemistry of Main Group Elements and Their Compounds (s-and p-block Elements): 22. General Characteristics of Main Group Elements (s-and p-block elements), 23. Group Discussion of Main Group Elements (s-and p-block elements), 24. Occurrence, Extraction / Isolation, Properties and Uses of some main Group Elements, 25. Hydrides of Main Group Elements, 26. Carbides of Main Group Elements, 27. Nitrides of Main Group Elements, 28. Oxides of Main Group Elements, 29. Halides and Oxy-halides of Main Group Elements, 30. Oxy-acids of Boron (Boric Acids) and their Salts, 31. Oxy-acids of Nitrogen and their Salts, 32. Oxy-acids of Phosphorus and their Salts, 33. Oxy-acids of Sulphur and their Salts , 34. Oxy-acids of Halogens and their Salts, 35. Fixation of Nitrogen and Fertilisers 36. Inorganic Polymers, 37. Important Compounds of Main Group Elements, 38. Miscellaneous Topics
• Multiple Choice Questions • Subject Index

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