Business Communication

Business Communication

Author : R K Madhukar

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  • ISBN : 9789352710898
  • Pages : 496
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • © year : 2018
  • Size : 8.5 X 11

Price : 550.00 440.00

Over the last 12 years this book has made a pride of place for itself among students of management because of the authoritative approach it has followed. It is a comprehensive textbook especially designed for the students of commerce, management and other professional courses. It serves both as a learner´s text and a practitioner´s guide. It provides a sharp focus on all relevant concepts and cardinal principles of business communication and adds value to the reader´s understanding of the subject. Following a need-based and sequential approach, the book is highly stimulating and leads students to communicate with élan and prepare for workplace challenges.

1. Chapter on Technology Powered Communication
2. Chapter on Soft Skills in Business
3. Sections on eleven new topics

1. Covers Syllabuses Exhaustively: Syllabuses of more universities included in its fold
2. Adds Global Flavour Through: (a) Expert Speak, (b) Quote to Note, (c) Communication Clue, (d) Noteworthy, Key Point and Point to Note, (e) Margin Elements
3. Provides Fun with Learning: (a) Laugh and Learn, (b) Wit and Humour
4. Apprises with Corporate and Academic Truths: (a) From the Corporate World, (b) Good and Bad Examples, (c) From the Academic World, (d) From Study Reports
5. Includes Appendix Lessons for Additional Teaching: (a) Key Terms, (b) Good Business Letters—Tips and Specimens, (c) Learn to Pronounce, (d) Speeches and Presentations, (e) Grammar and Good Writing, (f) Correct and Improve, (g) Communication Quiz
6. Prepares for Workplace Challenges: Includes interviews, resumés, meetings, etiquettes, current business usages, soft skills and employability, to face challenges and realities of today.
7. Embellishes Text with Box Items and Insertions that add content value and make concepts easy to assimilate.
Plus, the regular Questions, Exercises and Case Studies.

Prologue: Communication in Business, 1. Expanse and Scope of Communication, 2. Making Communication Effective, 3. Non-Verbal Communication, 4. Listening Skills, 5. Communication Skills, 6. Business Letters, 7. Internal Communication, 8. Rules of Good Writing, 9. Speeches and Presentations, 10. Interactive Communication, 11. Mass Communication, 12. Report Writing and Case Studies, 13. Interviews, 14. Employment Oriented Communication, 15. Charts, Graphs and Pictures, 16. Negotiation Process and its Management, 17. Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Business Communication, 18. Technology-Powered Communication, 19. Soft Skills in Business, 20. Key Areas in Corporate Communication • References • Appendices • Index

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