Essentials of Modern Marketing

Essentials of Modern Marketing

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  • ISBN : 9789359308418
  • Pages : 412
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • © year : 2024
  • Size : 6.50*9.25

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Myriad books on marketing are available! So, what is so special about this one? This book aims to address modern marketing in a way that is succinct and at the same time, clear and accessible, illustrating the fundamental theoretical aspects and facilitating the transfer of these elements into real-world situations. Marketing has always been studied and discussed in a specific context - it could be a certain era, geography, industry/sector and so on. Here, the context is the new and emerging India. 20 success stories from India are featured in this book. These include consumer goods companies, start-ups, government organizations, educational institutions, MNC subsidiaries in India and so on.
Reading this book allows you to:
  • Acquire basic knowledge of modern marketing and marketing management processes in the context of real-world scenarios.
  • Know the main marketing tools and how they interact and contribute to the overall marketing program.
  • Develop your own marketing strategy.

  • Engages the reader by covering all the essential marketing concepts and their applications - from scope to the future of marketing.
  • Makes the discussion interesting and real by including discussion of the concepts in the context of 20 case studies developed in the Indian setting.
  • Renders the treatment contemporary by integrating topics like Marketing in the Post-Covid 19 World; The Rise of AI-driven Metahumans; Design and Innovation; and so on.

1. Essentials of Modern Marketing Management

2.  Situational Analysis in the Marketing Planning Process

3.  Strategy formulation in the Marketing Planning Process

4. Marketing Mix in the Marketing Planning Process

5. Implementation and Controlling in the Marketing Plan Process 203

6. External Orientation of Strategic Marketing Plan

7. Disruptive Digital Marketing Strategies

8. The Rise of AI-driven Metahumans

9. Leading By Innovation & Design: Strategies And Value Creation

10. Designing Value

11. Remodelling The Marketing Research

12. Better World Through Socialpreneurship

13. Adaptive Public Policy And Marketing During COVID-19

14. Marketers Without Borders

15. Innovative Marketing & Leadership For Micro, Small & Medium EnterpriseS (MSME)


MBA-Marketing; B.Com, M.Com, BBA

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