Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

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  • ISBN : 9788125923428
  • Pages : 288
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • © year : 2007
  • Size : 5.5 X 8.5

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Industrial Relations comprise topics like labour relations, personnel management, trade unionism, role of the middle management, all issues relating to employment, safety, rights and obligations of workers, and settlement of disputes. The book fully discusses all these topics.
The Second Edition includes a new section on HRD that covers everything connected with all categories of employees of the organization. Topics included are the role of HRD in the 21st century, policies and practices in USA, performance appraisal system, equality for women workers, the principle of Kaizen, and workers' participation in management.

• A complete treatise on industrial relations
• An excellent guide for labour and personnel managers
• A text book for students of industrial relations
• A reference book on employer-employee relations

Part-1: Employer-Employee Relations: 1. Industrial Relations, 2. Labour Relations, 3. Role of the Industrial Manager, 4. Role of the Personnel Manager, 5. Role of Trade Unions in Industry, 6. Role of the Foreman in Industry, 7. Industrial Democracy, 8. Attitude and Morale in Industry, Part-2: Personnel Management: 9. Organization of a Personnel Department, 10. Employment, 11. Education and Training of Workers in Industry, 12. Absenteeism in Industry, 13. Grievance Procedure in Industry, 14. Disciplinary Procedure in Industry, Part-3: Welfare Services: 15. Health Service in Industry, 16. Safety in Industry, 17. Employee Services in Industry, 18. Industrial Canteens, 19. Industrial Housing, Part-4: Conditions of Service: 20. Wages in Industry, 21. Working Hours and Overtime Working, 22. Increments and Promotions, 23. Retrenchment, 24. Holidays and Leave Facilities, 25. Retirement Benefits, Part-5: Labour Legislation: 26. Rights and Obligations of Employees, 27. Settlement of Disputes, 28. Labour Legislation, Part-6: Human Resource Development: 29. Objectives of Human Resource Development, 30. The Role of HRD in the Twenty-first Century, 31. Policies and Practices in American Firms, 32. Performance Appraisal System in Industries, 33. Trade Union Rights and Responsibilities, 34. Union Rights and Responsibilities in Relation to Employers, 35. ILO's Declaration on Equality of Opportunity for Women Workers, 36. The Principle of Kaizen, 37. Workers' Participation in Management: The Indian Experience • References • Index

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