Legal Aspects of Business: Concepts & Applications

Legal Aspects of Business: Concepts & Applications

Author : Parul Gupta

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  • ISBN : 9789353386443
  • Pages : 824
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • © year : 2019
  • Size : 6.75×9.5

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This textbook introduces the Indian legal system and presents exhaustive discussion on laws which govern and regulate businesses. It focuses on the application of law based on which managers need to take decisions. It also maximizes its usefulness as textbook for business management students and managers through a huge number of cases and mini-case highlighting the legal issues of business entities. Aiming to provide the readers an understanding and knowledge of business-related laws, the book provides in-depth coverage of the law of contract and sale of goods, laws dealing with negotiable instruments, consumer rights, competition and also law regulating the incorporation and management of companies in India.

The book covers the syllabuses of most IIMs, IMTs, DU, GGSIPU, Jamia Millia Islamia.

  • Every discussion on an Act is supported by a large number of carefully selected cases to nail the concept of the Act
  • Cases in the book are followed by judgment and discussion unveiling the 
  • End of the Chapter exercises have been split into MCQs, True-False questions, Descriptive questions and Practical problems for a fuller insight

  • Two new topics
  1. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy code, (IBC) 2016,
  2. The Special Relief Act, 1963.
  • A complete new chapter on Law of Indemnity and Guarantee
  •  Amendments in various provisions of the Acts during 2018

Section 1: Introductory
1: Indian Legal System -An Overview
Section 2: Law of Contract
2: Meaning, Essentials and Types of a Valid Contract
3: Offer, Acceptance and Capacity of Parties
4: Consideration and Free Consent
5: Void Agreements, Wagering Agreements and Contingent Contracts
6: Performance and Discharge of a Contract
7: Remedies for the Breach of Contract
8: Quasi-Contracts-Meaning, Features and Kinds
Section 3: Law of Sale of Goods
9: Contract of Sale of Goods
10: Transfer of Property
11: Performance and Breach of Contract of Sale of Goods
Section 4: Laws Dealing with Special Contracts
12: Law of Contract of Agency
13: Law of Indemnity and Guarantee
14: Law of Bailment and Pledge
15: Law of Partnership
16: Law of Arbitration and Conciliation
Section 5: Law of Negotiable Instruments
17: Law of Negotiable Instruments-I
18: Law of Negotiable Instruments-II
Section 6: Company Law
19: A Company in India
20: Classification of Companies
21: Incorporation and Documentation of a Company
22: Memorandum of Association
23: Articles of Association
24: Share Capital and Members of the Company
25: Shares
26: Board of Directors, Company Management and Administration
27: Company Meetings and Proceedings
28: Winding Up of a Company
Section 7: Miscellaneous Laws
29: Law of Consumer Protection
30: The Competition Act, 2002
31: The Information Technology Act, 2000 (Amendment 2008)

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