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Organizational Behaviour - A Modern Approach, 1/e

Organizational Behaviour - A Modern Approach, 1/e

Arun Kumar & N Meenakshi

ISBN : 9788125930938
Pages : 580
Binding : Paperback
Language : English
Imprint : Vikas Publishing
Trim size : 8.5” x 11” inches
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"This book is written for the knowledge economy. It prescribes novel methods to manage employees of the knowledge economy, where they use their minds more than their hand. These prescriptions are based on the latest research and on the realization that people from new-age families relate etter to colleagues and peers than to bosses. In order to keep the employees interested and focused, the book also suggests that the management takes responsibility for everything that might adversely affect an employee’s capacity to work creatively and intellingently, irrespective of whether the cause lies inside the organization or outside it. The book considers that attitudinal changes are difficult to achieve. These can be brought about by prescribing an appropriate behaviour and individual in the organization. It mandates organizations to take complete responsibility of their employees. The peeps in the human mind and acknowledges that humans continue to have the same passions and fears that they had even during the Stone Age. It prescribes how organizations can tap into the passions and fears of their employees to make them more creative and productive. It also prescribes a democratic and inclusive management style, where employees decide the fate and future of the company through genuine democratic processes. It shows how to live life-inside the office and outside it! "

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