Project Management 3e

Project Management 3e

Author : Bhavesh Patel

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  • ISBN : 9789359304311
  • Pages : 832
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • © year : 2024
  • Size : 6.50*9.25

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This book is meticulously crafted to serve as a comprehensive textbook for postgraduate students and practitioners across various disciplines such as management, finance, commerce, infrastructure, and engineering. It offers a wealth of exceptional features, including:

  • Simplified yet analytical explanations of the financial aspects inherent in project management.
  • A coherent narrative that interconnects diverse concepts while maintaining their individual significance.
  • A thorough alignment of project-related activities with overarching corporate objectives and strategies.
  • In-depth exploration of strategic considerations, behavioural dynamics, and administrative dimensions.
  • Emphasis on practical insights, coupled with rigorous discussions of theoretical frameworks.
  • Concise presentation of useful information and data in dedicated boxes.
  • Development of a Comprehensive Project successively built over each chapter.
  • Discussion topics provided for analytical study of key concepts covered in each chapter.

The book covers a wide array of topics, with special attention given to:

  • Offering historical insights and bridging theoretical gaps related to corporate objectives.
  • Establishing links between project management and corporate decision-making, including considerations of growth direction, rate, and alternatives.
  • Exploring the concept of abandonment value and delving into practical aspects of asset lifespan.
  • Extensively discussing risk management strategies and practical methods for project design and risk assessment.
  • Addressing real-world goal conflicts by presenting systematic solutions tailored to top management concerns.
  • Providing a comprehensive practical guide to Post Completion Audit (PCA) for audit teams

Project Management
Section I: Fundamental Topics
1. Corporate Planning
2. Corporate Financial Objective
3. Time Value of Money
4. Interest Rate and Capital Structure
5. Cost of Capital
Section II: Concept Stage of a Project
6. Corporate Investment and Project Life Cycle
7. Corporate Investment and Project Life Cycle
8. Project Feasibility Study Market, Technical, and Financial Feasibility
9. Project Financing
Section III: Analysis Stage of a Project I (Evaluation)
10. Cost-Benefit Analysis (Cash Flow Projections)
11. Financial Evaluation Techniques
12. Financial Evaluation Techniques
13. Required Rate of Return From a Project (A Hurdle or a Cut-off Rate)
14. Economic and Social Cost-Benefit Analysis (With Environmental Appraisal)
Section IV: Analysis Stage of a Project II Risk Management
15. Understanding Risk
16. Project Risk Analysis
17. Project Portfolio Risk
18. Project Risk Mitigation
Section V: Planning, Execution and Completion Stage of a Project
19. Allocation of Limited Capital (Capital Rationing)
20. Network Analysis and Execution Plan (With Administrative Aspects)
21. Project Execution and Control
22. Post Completion Audit (PCA)
Section VI: Special Topics
23. Inflation and Project Investment
24. Economic Life of Projects and Replacement Policy
25. Infrastructure Projects
26. International Capital Budgeting
Financial Tables
Subject Index

MBA, BBA, B.Tech, M.Com.

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