Salesmanship and Publicity

Salesmanship and Publicity

Author :R S Davar

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  • ISBN : 9788125900474
  • Pages : 456
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing

Price : 395.00 316.00

A textbook with a practical approach, this book has a number of illustrations of actual sales talks and meeting objections raised by prospective customers.

Part-I: Sales Organization: 1. Marketing and the Selling Effort, 2. Distribution-
Importance and Methods, 3. Sales Organization, 4. Duties of the Sales Manager and Control of Salesman, 5. Selection of Salesman, 6. Training of Salesman, 7. Allocation of Territories and Sales Conferences, 8. Remuneration of Salesman, Part-II: The Art of Salesmanship: 10. Fundamentals of Successful Selling, 11. Knowledge of the Goods, 12. Study of Buying Motives, 13. Different Types of Customers, 14. Types of Sales, 15. Travelling Salesman: Responsibilities and Problems, 16. Travelling Salesman: Getting the Interview and the Approach, 17. Retail Salesman: Duties, Responsibilities and Problems, 18. Effective Sales Talk, 19. Sales Talk: Effective Presentation & Demonstration, 20. Sales Talk: Overcoming Objections, 21. Sales Talk: Closing the Sales, Part-III: Advertising & Publicity: 22. Advertising & Publicity: Meaning & Importance, 23. Window-Dressing, Show-Rooms and Exhibitions, 24. Press Advertising, 25. Outdoor Advertising, 26. Advertising Literature and Other Forms of Advertising, 27. Foundations of An Efficient Advertising Programme, 28. Production of Advertising Materials, 29. Production of Advertising Materials: Preparation of Layout, 30. Study of Appeals, 31. Advertising Agency: Need Organization and Working, 32. Public Relations

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