Datt & Sundharam's Indian Economy 73rd Edition

Datt & Sundharam's Indian Economy 73rd Edition

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  • ISBN : 9789358704815
  • Pages : 768
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2024
  • Size : 6.50*9.25

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This revised edition of Datt and Sundharam's Indian Economy presents an up-to-date review of trends and issues framing the development of the modern Indian economy. This comprehensive update involved a complete rewrite of the original book as part of the endeavour to promote a critical understanding of the ever-changing canvass of opportunities and challenges facing the Indian economy.
This edition represents a fresh attempt to study the evolving journey of the increasingly complex Indian economy from a contemporary vantage point while retaining a longer-term historical perspective. Divided into five parts, the book begins with an overview of the Evolving Structure of the Indian Economy, which introduces India as a developing economy, and discusses its economic growth, demographic trends, human development, infrastructure and the environment. The second part delves into India's Planning System and Evolution of Economics Sectors. As areas of national concern, the topics of Poverty, Inequality, Employment and Social Security are taken up in the third part. The fourth part on the Fiscal-monetary system and India's Financial Sector discusses key aspects of India's fiscal, monetary and financial sector policy, including a detailed review of the Union Budget 2023-24. The final part focuses on Trade, Technology and Globalisation discussing issues related to trade policy, foreign direct investment, India's interface with the World Trade Organisation, participation in global value chains, and the state of technology in the context of India's emergence on the global economic stage.
With the marshalling of large amounts of data in an array of tables, graphs, charts, and boxes explaining key concepts and special topics, the book is informative, engaging, visually appealing and facilitates better understanding of the evolving complexities of the Indian economy along with the potential and limits of economic policy in the country. The revision has been developed according to the curriculum of the National Education Policy 2020 and caters to the academic requirements of undergraduate Economics students. The findings from contemporary literature/research covered in the book will help the Post graduate students and researchers from economics, commerce and finance streams. It will also be a useful resource for the aspirants appearing for various competitive examinations.

1. Latest updates and analysis of Union Budget 2023-24
2. Detailed review and assessment of a wide range of topics including
  • The state of India's environment 
  • The country's demographic transition and challenges
  • The chequered experience of economic growth, poverty and inequality 
  • The evolution of the agricultural, industrial and services sectors 
  • Education, healthcare and food security 
  • Fiscal, monetary and trade policy
  • The state of India's technology     
3. Powered with TestCoachTM, providing continuous updates on developments and trends in the Indian economy.  Key highlights of the Union Budget 2023-24 also presented to serve as a ready reckoner.
4. Series of enriching Author-videos on important topics discussed in the book.

Part I: Evolving Structure of the Indian Economy

1.       India as a Developing Economy

2.       National Income and Economic Growth in India

3.       Population and Demographic Trends

4.       Human Development in India

5.       India's Infrastructure: An Overview

6.       The State of India's Environment

Part II: India's Planning System and Evolution of Economic Sectors

7.       Planning in India

8.       India's Agricultural Sector

9.       Pattern of Industrial Development

10.   Growth of the Service Sector

Part III: Poverty, Inequality, Employment and Social Security

11.   Poverty and Inequality in India

12.   Nutrition, Child Development and Direct Social Transfers

13.   Healthcare in India

14.   Education

15.   Indian Labour Market: Employment and Unemployment Scenario

16.   Food Security and the Public Distribution System

17.   India and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030

Part IV: The Fiscal-Monetary System and India's Financial Sector

18.   Fiscal Policy and the Union Budget

19.   Fiscal Federalism and Finance Commission

20.   Inflation and Monetary Policy in India

21.   Financial Sector in India

Part V: Trade, Technology and Globalisation

22.   India's Foreign Trade and Trade Policy

23.   Foreign Direct Investment

24.   Changing Landscape of Global Value Chains (GVCs)

25.   The World Trade Organisation and India

           26.   The State of India's Technology

UG Students, PG Students, Researchers from economics, commerce & finance streams and Various Competitive Examinations.

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