Engineering Economics Text & Cases | 20+ Real World Cases

Engineering Economics Text & Cases | 20+ Real World Cases

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  • ISBN : 9789359305011
  • Pages : 816
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • © year : 2024
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This book provides guidance to the administrative personnel on how economic principles and theories can be applied to ensure the most efficient performance of their engineering functions. The ';engineering function' involves the activities and works of designing and constructing machinery, engines, electrical devices, and roads and bridges. The performance of all these activities involves financial, human and time costs and yields benefits to the performers of these activities and to the society as whole. A comprehensive analysis of how economic concepts and economic theories can be applied to resolve the economic problems confronted by the people as consumers, producers, factor owners, and marketers has been provided in the first edition of this book. In this new edition, some important contributions have been to the subject matter of the Engineering Economics to make its scope more comprehensive.

Primarily, a new Part, i.e., Part V, has been added to this revised edition containing two new chapters: Ch. 21: Cash Flows, Investment and Equivalence, and Ch. 22: Time Value of Money. The purpose of Ch. 21 is to analyse how cash flows and investments made by the business firms affect the economy and create opportunities for further investments. And Ch. 22 highlights the reasons for change in the value of money and its effects on business transactions. The second important contribution to this revised edition is the addition of twelve Case Studies to economic theories of the relevant chapters. The objective of adding Case Studies to the book is to illustrate how economic theories can be and are applied to test their theoretical validity and to test the efficacy of managerial decisions. Incidentally, the Case Studies have been provided by some reputed academic faculties.

In addition, in the revision of the book, some additional interpretations have been added to the explanation of economic theories presented in different chapters. In Ch. 30, the analysis of the ';monetary policy' has been almost rewritten with additional proofs. Also, the data given in different Chapters to show the periodic economic changes have been updated. Besides, some extra questions have been added to the Review Questions of some chapters.

  • Balanced coverage of normative and positive economics, in the context of the engineering discipline
  • Profusely illustrated with worked out problems, statistical, algebraic as well as graphical
  • Intuitive explanation and analysis of calculus-based modules to make the subject more accessible
  • More than 200 numerical exercises for practice, with hints and answers

Part I: Introduction
  • Nature and Scope of Engineering Economics
  • Objectives of Business Firms
  • Some Fundamental Concepts and Business Decision Rules
  • Some Mathematical Tools of Economic Analysis
  • Optimization Technique

Part II: Theory of Consumer Demand And Demand Forecasting
  • Analysis of Consumer Demand
  • Analysis of Market Demand
  • Elasticity of Demand and Its Application
  • Demand Estimation and Forecasting

Part III: Theory of Production And Cost Analysis
  • Theory of Production
  • Theory of Cost and Break-Even Analysis
  • Linear Programming

Part IV: Market Structure, Theories of Price Determination And Practices
  • Market Structure and Market Mechanism
  • Price and Output Determination under Perfect Competition
  • Price and Output Determination under Monopoly
  • Price and Output Determination under Monopolistic Competition
  • Price and Output Determination under Oligopoly
  • Game Theory and Strategic Behaviour of Oligopoly Firms
  • Managerial Theories of Firm
  • Pricing Strategies and Practices of Firms

Part V: Cash Flows And Time Value of Money
  • Cash Flow, Interest, and Equivalence
  • Time Value of Money

Part VI: Capital Budgeting And Investment Decisions
  • Capital Budgeting and Investment Decisions under Certainty
  • Investment Decisions under Risk and Uncertainty

Part VII: Macroeconomic Aspects of Managerial Economics
  • Macroeconomics: Definition, Scope and Application
  • National Income: Concepts and Measurements
  • Theory of National Income Determination
  • Analysis of the Monetary Sector
  • Theories of Economic Growth and Business Cycles
  • Theories of Inflation and Control Measures

Part VIII: Government Role in the Economy And Economic Policies
  • Government Role in the Market Economy
  • Fiscal Policy of India
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

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