Author : H L Ahuja

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  • ISBN : 9789355011886
  • Pages : 1776
  • Binding : Hardback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2022
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In its 20th edition, this trusted definitive text is a comprehensive treatise on modern economics. It discusses in detail microeconomics, macroeconomics, monetary theory and policy, international economics, public finance and fiscal policy and above all economics of growth and development. The book has been exhaustively revised to provide students an in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts and is streamlined to focus on current topics and developments in the field.

• Scientific Nature of Economic Models, Concept of Opportunity Cost, Social Choice, etc.
• Intertemporal Choice between Present and Future Consumption
• Impact of Real Balance Effect on Employment 
• Issue of Choice by an Individual under Conditions of Risk and Uncertainty
• Nature of Unemployment in Developing Countries
• Amartya Sen's Capabilities Approach to Development
• Role of Human Resources (Education and Health) in Economic Development
• Income Inequalities and Economic Growth - A Critical Study
• Employment Strategies and Economic Growth
• Detailed Study of Environment and Economic Development

Volume-1: Microeconomics: Theory and Applications,
Part-I: Scope and Methodology of Economics: 1. What Economics is About, 2. Micro and Macro- Economics,
3. Methodology of Economics,4. Economic Statics and Dynamics, 5. Central Problems of an Economy, 6. Market Economy and Role of Price Mechanism,
Part-II: Theory of Demand: 7. Demand and Law of Demand, 8. Demand: Marshall's
Cardinal Utility Analysis, 9. Indifference Curve Analysis of Demand, 10. Marshall's
Cardinal Utility Analysis vs. Indifference Curve Analysis, 11. Applications and Uses
of Indifference Curves, 12. Revealed Preference Theory of Demand, 13. Elasticity
of Demand, 14. Consumer's Surplus, 14A. Choice under Risk and Uncertainty,
Part-III: Theory of Production and Cost: 15. Factors of Production, 16. The Theory
of Production: Returns to a Factor, 17. Production Function with Two Variable Factors,
18. Optimum Factor Combination, 19. Cost of Production and Cost Curves, 20. Supply and its Elasticity, 
Part-IV: Theory of Firm and Pricing in Different Market Structures:
21. Main Market Forms and Concepts of Revenue, 22. Objectives and Equilibrium of
the Firm: A General Analysis, 23. Equilibrium of the Firm and Industry under Perfect
Competition, 24. Price Determination Under Perfect Competition, 24A. Stability of
Equilibrium and Cobweb Model, 25. Applications of Demand and Supply Analysis,
26. Price and Output under Monopoly, 27. Price Discrimination, 28. Price Under
Monopolistic Competition, 29. Price and Output Under Oligopoly, 30. Sales Maximisation Model of Oligopoly,
31. Theory of Games and Competitive Strategy,
Part-V: Factor Pricing and Income Distribution:
2. Factor Pricing and Income Distribution: A General
View, 33. Wage Determination in Competitive and Imperfectly Competitive Markets,
34. The Theory of Rent, 35. Alternative Theories of Interest, 36. The Theory of Profits,
Part-VI: General Equilibrium Analysis and Welfare Economics:
37. General Equilibrium Analysis, 38. Welfare Economics: An Introduction,
39. Economic Efficiency and Pareto Optimality, 40. Market Failures, Externalities and Public Goods, 41. New Welfare Economics: Compensation Principle, 42. Social Welfare Function,
Part-VII: Theory of International Trade: 43. International Trade: Comparative Cost Theory,
44. Heckscher- Ohlin Theory of International Trade, 45. Terms of Trade,
Volume-2: Macroeconomics and Economics Of Growth And Development,
Part-VIII: Macroeconomics: Theory of Income and Employment: 1. Nature and Scope of Macroeconomics,
2. Circular Flow of Income and National Income Accounting, 3. Classical Theory of Income and Employment, 4. Keynes's Theory of Employment and Unemployment, 5. Determination of National Income: Keynesian Basic Two-Sector Model, 5A. Determination of National Income in an Open Economy with Government and Foreign Trade: Three Sector and Four Sector Models, 6. Consumption Function, 7. Post-Keynesian Theories of Consumption, 8. Investment Demand, 9. Theory of Multiplier, 10. Aggregate Demand - Aggregate Supply Model (With Price Flexibility), 11. Unemployment and Full Employment and Price-wage Flexibility, 12. Unemployment in Developing Countries with Special Reference to India,
Part-IX: Monetary Demand and Supply: 13. Money: Nature,
Functions and Role, 14. Credit and Commercial Banking, 15. Central Banking,
16. Objective and Instruments of Monetary Policy, 16A. Role of Monetary Policy in Economic Growth, 17. Supply of Money and Its Determinants, 18. Demand for Money and Keynes' Liquidity Preference Theory of Interest, 19. Post Keynesian Theories of Demand for Money,
Part-X: Money, Prices and Inflation: 20. Money and Prices: Quantity Theory
of Money, 21. Keynes's Monetary Theory: Money, Income and Prices, 22. Monetarism
and Friedman's Modern Quantity Theory of Money, 23. Inflation and Hyperinflation:
Causes, Social Costs, Effects and Cure,
Part XI: Is-LM Curves Model:
Phillips Curve Concept and Business Cycles, 24. The IS-LM Curve Model, 25. Inflation & Unemployment: Phillips Curve and Rational Expectations Theory, 26. Stagflation and Supply-Side Economics, 27. Business Cycles, 27A. Friedman's Monetarist and New Classical (Rational Expectations) Theories of Business Cycles, 28. Economic Stabilisation: Fiscal Policy, 29. Economic Stabilisation: Monetary Policy,
Part-XII: Government and The Macro Economy: Public Finance and Fiscal Policy: 30. Public Finance: Public Expenditure, 31. Public Revenue: Taxation and Budget, 32. Incidence of Taxation, 33. Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth in a Developing Country,
Part-XIII: Open Economy Macroeconomics: 34. Balance of Payments, 35. Foreign Exchange Rate, 36. Free Trade Versus Protection, 37. Foreign Investment and Role of Multinational Corporations, 37A. Globalisation, Commercial Policy and WTO,
Part-XIV: Economics of Growth and Development: 38. Economic Growth and Development, 39. Underdevelopment and Common Characteristics of Developing Countries, 40. Obstacles to Economic Development, 41. Capital Formation: Determinants and Acceleration, 42. Technological Progress and Economic Development, 43. Human Resource Development: Education and Health, 44. Population Growth and Economic Development, 45. Harrod-Domar Model
of Growth, 46. Neoclassical Theory of Growth, 47. New Theory of Economic Growth
(Endogenous Growth Model), 48. Mahalanobis Growth Model and Heavy-industry
Strategy of Development, 49. Wage -good Model and Strategy of Development,
50. Strategies of Balanced and Unbalanced Growth, 51. Lewis Model of Development
with Unlimited Supply of Labour, 52. Choice of Techniques in Developing Counties, 53. Employment and Economic Growth in Developing Countries, 54. Poverty and Economic Growth, 55. Income Inequalities and Economic Growth, 56. Economics Reforms, Structural Adjustment and Growth, 57. Environment and Economic Development, 58. Sustainable Development and Climate Change

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