Essentials of Educational Technology

Essentials of Educational Technology

Author :J C Aggarwal

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  • ISBN : 9789325976153
  • Pages : 536
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • © year : 2014
  • Size : 6.75 X 9.5

Price : 550.00 440.00

Specially designed as a standard text for teacher training colleges, this book is essentially 'student-centred' and 'examination-oriented'. It has stood the test of time as it fully meets the changing needs of the students preparing for BEd, LT, BT and BA (Edu) examinations, and provides a comprehensive treatment of all topics on which questions are usually asked. The book aims at enabling students not only to have a complete grasp of the concepts, but also obtain maximum marks in the examinations. Practical approach of the book also makes it useful for in-service programmes for various categories of personnel in education, and its authoritative coverage makes it relevant in the Middle-East and South-East Asian countries. Readers will find it a trustworthy friend, philosopher and guide.
The third edition accounts for the advances in technology during the last seven years (when this book was last revised) as also the changing educational system.

1. Educational Technology: Meaning, Scope and Uses, 2. Teaching and Teaching Technology, 3. Learning and Masterly Learning, 4. Teaching-Learning Process, 5. Principles and Maxims of Teaching, 6. Instructional/ Teaching Objectives: Taxonomy, 7. Managing Teaching-Learning and Teaching Strategy, 8. Motivation in Learning, 9. Programmed Instruction/ Programmed Learning, 10. Teaching Models, 11. Teacher Behaviour and Interaction Analysis, 12. Micro-Teaching, 13. Teaching Skills, 14. Simulated Teaching, 15. Education and Systems Analysis, 16. Basic and Audio-Visual Teaching Aids, 17. Hardware Technology, Audio-Visual Aids and Media in Education, 18. Mass Media in Education-I: Radio, Films and Press, 19. Mass Media in Education-II: Television, 20. Communication, it and Computers in Education, 21. Computer and Computer-Assisted Instruction, 22. Software, Courseware Development and Design Considerations, 23. Educational Technology in India, 24. Technology of Education and Technology in Education, 25. New Educational Technologies, 26. Internet and I-Learning, 27. Edusat (Educational Satellite), 28. Institutional Initiatives, 29. Lesson Planning, 30. Language Laboratory, Teaching Machines and Team Teaching, 31. Task Analysis, Instructional Designs, PSI and LCI, 32. Diverse Issues

♦ Additional chapters on:
• Hardware Technology, Audio Visual Aids and Media in Education
• Computer and Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)
• Software, Courseware Development and Design Considerations
• Internet and I-learning
♦ Enlargement and subsequent splitting of the chapter on Mass Media into Mass Media-I and Mass Media-II—the second part to focus on TV
♦ Augmented question bank at the end of chapters that includes objective-type questions, like MCQs and Fill in the blanks
♦ Improved readability and presentation

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