Teaching Kids to Manage their own Behavior: School Dayz

Teaching Kids to Manage their own Behavior: School Dayz


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  • ISBN : 9789325978447
  • Pages : 160
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • Size : 8.5 X 11

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• The School Dayz plan is a collection of stories about the real issues that happen in everyday school life—familiar problems such as rudeness, cheating, bullying, cell phone use, stealing, harassment, disruptions, truancy, vandalism, peer pressure, anger, fear, discrimination, gossip, fighting, self-destructive behavior, and drug use.
• Students discuss an issue, then read and interact with a story about it. They connect the story to their own experiences, reflect on their own attitudes and behaviors, analyze the issue, discuss underlying causes of the behaviors, and recommend solutions.
• The approach is classroom tested. It works! Behavior improves! Teachers and students testify to positive changes: fewer disruptions, better attendance, and greater responsibility—along with increased self-esteem, compassion, and sense of belonging.

• School DayZ—Stories That Make a Difference • Classroom-Tested Success with School DayZ • How to Use the School DayZ Lessons • Response Sheet • Issues, Overview • Core Traits, Overview • The School DayZ Stories, 1. Caught on Camera, 2. Auditorium Madness, 3. Being in Middle School, 4. She Said What?!?!?, 5. Homework (or Not), 6. Saturday Night Rumors, 7. Do Your Pants Hang Low?, 8. The PDA Ban, 9. The Gig is Up, 10. Norm the Storm, 11. A Complex Situation, 12. The Entrepreneur, 13. Food-Fight Frenzy, 14. Your Cheatin' Heart, 15. The Brushoff, 16. The Wonder Years, 17. Texting Concerto, 18. Did You Hear About Mr. Smith?, 19. Hats Off!, 20. Ryan: BMOC, 21. The Writing's on the Wall, 22. To Tell the Truth, 23. A Tale of Two Diaries, 24. Cheers for Gina, 25. Food for Thought, 26. Zing Talks Trash, 27. The Constant Questioner, 28. Don't Call Me That!, 29. Samantha's Solution, 30. Cornered Again!, 31. Skipping Out, 32. Not My Role Model, 33. The Joiner, 34. Freaks & Jocks, 35. Runaway Phone, 36. The Price of Popularity, 37. Tough Times for Thomas, 38. Zero for Zoe, 39. The Stand-up Guy, 40. The Great Tortilla Toss, 41. The Monster Gets to Gus, 42. Paige and the POD, 43. Shay Looks Down, 44. Dress-Code Debate, 45. Something About Max, 46. Making the Grade, 47. Left Holding the Bag, 48. The List, 49. "King" Mario, 50. Meghan in the "Meddle", 51. Sheena's Slide, 52. Celebrity Wannabe, 53. The Class Clown, 54. The Dilemma, 55. Jackie Hits the Wall, 56. Wheels of Misfortune, 57. The Squabblers, 58. Detained!, 59. Robin in Motion, 60. The Impatient One, 61. The Accusation, 62. Surprise for the Substitute, 63. Jeannie-us, 64. Being Joe McCall, 65. The Two-Faced Girls, 66. Fires in the Bathroom, 67. Bethany's Bus-Riding Blues, 68. High School Terrors • Create Your Own School DayZ Stories

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