Spoken English

Spoken English

Author : M C Sreevalsan

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  • ISBN : 9789352718474
  • Pages : 340
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • © year : 2019
  • Size : 6.75 X 9.5

Price : 350.00 280.00

This is a book with successful track record of teaching to speak English with great confidence and style. It provides all the necessary material for conversation practice. 
Lessons have been prepared by picking up familiar topics and creating extended dialogues based on everyday situations. The exercise after each lesson provides a variety of sentence patterns, word lists, grammatical intricacies, subtle variations in word/phrase meanings, with their usage in different situations, and showcases the multiple ways of saying the same thing. These also provide ample hands-on practice through fill-in-the-blanks exercises. There is also a pronunciation guide with short notes on stress and rhythm.

At the end of the book there is a treasure trove in the form of:
• an alert against words often confused between • words that are always used in their plural form • uncountable nouns • words that are often misspelt • words that are often mispronounced • exercises to equip you against common mistakes that are often made
In the fourth edition, some more expressions have been included that are now becoming popular. The book is thus much richer in expressions and dialogues, and is in a more attractive format.

• An exhaustive section on practice exercises after each conversation
• Carefully selected grammar and usage tips with additional expressions
• Aural-oral drills for correct pronunciation and to attain fluency

1. Looking for Something, 2. Asking and Giving Directions, 3. At the Greengrocer's, 4. Arrival of Relatives from Abroad, 5. Making Inquiries About a Journey, 6. Reserving Berths for a Journey, 7. Planning for a Picnic, 8. Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be, 9. Veg or Non-Veg, 10. Expressing a Regret, 11. At the Bus Stop, 12. Speaking on the Phone, 13. Tea-Time, 14. At the Post Office, 5. Helping a Friend, 16. At the Bank, 17. A Casual Meeting, 18. About Hobbies, 19. On Transport, 20. On Road Accidents, 21. Talking About the Vegetable Garden, 22. On Retirement, 23. How an Arranged Marriage Takes Place, 24. Booking Accommodation at a Hotel, 25. At the Restaurant, 26. Giving a Message on the Phone, 27. On Household Chores, 28. Calling on a Friend, 29. On Falling Standards in Educational Institutions, 30. Boarding a Train, 31. Talking About Applying for a Job, 32. At the Interview, 33. Health Care Even When Healthy, 34. Seeing Off a Relative at the Airport, 35. On Punctuality, 36. Friends Talk About their Ambition, 37. Changing the Wheel of a Car, 38. Talking About the Cost of Living, 39. Up Goes the Standard of Living, 40. Fixing an Appointment with the Dentist, 41. Buying a Birthday Present, 42. The Importance of Spoken English, 43. How to Improve Your Vocabulary, 44. On Fishing, 45. Sanitation and Hygiene, 46. Inviting to a Get-Together, 47. Getting Things Done, 48. Planning to Build a House, 49. Getting ';Pollution Under Control' Certificate, 50. How to Protect our Environment, 51. Talking About Obligations, 52. At the Market, 53. My Visit to London, 54. How to Make an Omelette, 55. Titbits, 56. On Vacation, 57. At the Railway Station, 58. Be Practical, 59. How I Spent the Last Sunday, 60. Ironing Clothes, 61. Friend in Hospital, 62. At a Ready-Made Shop, 63. At the Supermarket, 64. Buying a Lottery Ticket, 65. Busy with Studies, 66. My Ideal World, 67. Life is Beautiful, 68. Travelling Around, 69. Looking Back at Past Events, 70. What is the Dialogue About?, 71. Talking Casually on the Phone, 72. Has Anything Been Done!, 73. Mercy Killing, 74. Whither Development, 75. Good Living • Answers to Exercise for Practice • Oral Aural Drills • Short Notes on Tenses and their Uses • The Passive Voice • Question Tags • Must and Need • Words Often Confused Between • Common Mistakes in English

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