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Constitutional History of India

Prof. Dr. M V Pylee

ISBN : 9788121909334
Pages : 136
Binding : Paperback
Language : English
Imprint : S. Chand Publishing
Trim size : 6.75" x 9.5" inches
Weight : 0.50kg
© year : 2010
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This book deals with the constitutional history of India. The significance of this history lies in the fact that the origins of the Constitution of the Indian Rebublic are rooted in the history of India under the British. Hence no serious student of India's present constitution can afford to ignore it. The book covers the entire ground of constitutional hiostory without attempting at elaborate details. Many of the details which had relevance prior to 1947 have ceased to be so today. Hence each chapter has been written with sufficient care in selecting and including the matter that is considered to be necessary in a book of this nature

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Constitutional History of India by  Prof. Dr. M V Pylee

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