Fundamentals of Magnetism and Electricity

Fundamentals of Magnetism and Electricity

Author : D N Vasudeva

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  • ISBN : 9788121909556
  • Pages : 952
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2013
  • Size : 6.75''X9.5''

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The subject of Physics, which deals with measurement of physical quantities, a new system of units, called the International System or the SI system of units is progressively being used in the latest books on this subject. In this book, the SI system has been used for the derivation of the formulae and solved examples. Chapters on A.C Circuits, use of J-operator has been recast and greatly extended. Elements of electronic leading to the principles of radio communication are well explained by using thermionic valve and transistor circuits. Also, since there is a tendency to use the vector method of treatment of the subject of Electricity and Magnetism. An effort has been made to express the formulae in the vector form particularly in the derivation of Maxwell's Equations of electromagnetic fields. Chapters on Atomic Physics have been amplified. A brief description of the Maser and Laser and a list of values of constants are given in the Appendix. Selected questions set of different university and I.A.S. examinations have been incorporated. It is expected that the solution of problems at the end of each chapter will enable the student to understand the subject clearly.

Part I
1. Vector Analysis and Its Applications

Part II: Electrostatics
2. Law of Inverse Squares
3. Electrostatic potential
4. Capacity or Capacitance - Condenser or Capacitor
5. Electrometers and Electrostatic Measurements
6. Theory of Dielectric-Piezo; Electric Effect; Van de Graaff generator

Part III: Magnetism
7. Magnetic Field-Intensity and Potential
8. Magnetometers
9. Magnetic Induction — Permeability Susceptibility — Gauss' Theorem
10. Terrestrial or Geo-Magnetism

Part IV: Current Electricity
11. Steady Current
12. Electromagnetism
13. Steady or D.C. Current Circuits-Ohm's Law-Kirochoff's Laws
14. Electrical Measuring Instruments
15. Heating Effect of Current
16. Electrical Measurements
17. Thermo-Electricity

Part V: Electro-Magnetism
18. Electromagnetic Induction
19. Magnetic Properties of Materials - Magnetic Circuit
20. Practical Electromagnetism and Electromagnetic Induction

Part VI: Alternating Currents
21. A.C. Generators 
22. A.C. Circuits
23. Electromagnetic Waves

Part VII: Electronics and Radio Communication
24. Electronics and Radio Communication

Part VIII: Atomic Physics
25. Conduction of Electricity Through Gases
26. X-rays — X-ray Spectrometer — Compton Effect
27. Photoelectricity
28. Radioactivity: Artificial Transmutation
29. Atomic Structure and Spectra wave Mechanics
30. The Nucleus — Atomic-Energy — Cosmic Rays
Appendix I: The Maser and The Laser
Appendix II: Numerical Values of Some Physical Constants

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