Numerical Problems in Physics

Numerical Problems in Physics

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  • ISBN : 9788121908702
  • Pages : 512
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 1955
  • Size : 6.75" x 9.5"

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The Numerical Problems in Physics deals with everyday applications of the various laws and formulae. A systematic study of these problems makes a student familiar with the fundamental principles and helps the student in having a clear concept of the subject. This book caters to students of different board and universities and for students appearing in competitive examination. A large number of solved examples of different types selected from the latest question papers have been added.

Part-I: Mechanics
• Units and Dimensions • Mathematical Tools • Kinematics of a Particle • Vector Multiplication and Composition • Dynamics of a Particle • Circular Motion • Rotational Dynamics • Gravitation and Projectile Motion • Satellites and Escape Velocity • Work, Power, Energy and Friction • Elasticity • Surface Tension • Viscosity and Hydrodynamics

Part-II: Thermal Properties
• Thermal Expansion • Calorimetry • Kinetic Theory of Gases • Heat, Work and Thermal Conductivity • Laws of Thermodynamics and Radiation

Part-III: Waves and Oscillations
• Oscillations • Propagation of Sound • Beats and Musical Sound • Transverse Vibrations of Strings • Echo, Organ Pipes and Resonance Tube • Doppler Effect

Part-IV: Optics
• Reflection at Curved Surfaces • Refraction • Refraction Through Spherical Surface and Lenses • Dispersion • Optical Instruments • Velocity of Light and Photometry • Interference, Diffraction and Polarisation

Part-V: Electrostatics
• Electric Intensity and Potential • Electrostatic Field around Conductor and Capacitance

Part-VI: Electric Current
• Current, Resistance and Thermo-Electricity • Applications of Ohm's Law • Kirchhoff's Laws • Electrical Measurements • Thermal Effects • Chemical Effects • Magnetic Effects and Magnetism • Electromagnetic Induction • Alternating Current

Part-VII: Physics of the Atom
• Motion of Charged Particles in Electric and Magnetic Fields • Bohr Model and X-rays • Wave Nature of Matter and Photo-Electricity • Theory of Relativity • Radio-Activity and Nuclear Reactions • Electronic Devices • Structure of Solids • Universe • Logic Gates • Principles of Communication • Logarithms, Anti Logs and Trigonometric Tables

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