Indian Government and Politics

Indian Government and Politics

Author :D C Gupta

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  • ISBN : 9780706987782
  • Pages : 816
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • Size : 5.5 X 8.5

Price : 750.00 600.00

The eighth edition of Indian Government and Politics has been very thoroughly revised and recast. The politics of the country has moved so fast that such an exercise becomes absolutely essential. Most of the chapters have been done up afresh: new material has been added and old arrangement has been recast. The author has attempted to bring the book fully upto date, so that it could be used by teachers and students with great profit.

1. India Towards a Republic, 2. Fundamental Rights, 3. Directive Principles of State Policy, 4. President and Vice-President, 5. Presidents and the Politics of India, 6. Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, 7. Parliament, 8. Opposition in Indian Politics, 9. Supreme Court and its Power of Judicial Review, 10. Centre-State Relations, 11. Governors of Indian States, 12. Constitutional Amendments, 13. Bureaucracy in India, 14. Fourth General Election and Coalition Politics in States, 15. Communalism in Indian Politics, 16. Language in Indian Politics, 17. Politics of Defection, 18. Regionalism in Indian Politics, 19. Efforts Towards National Integration, 20. Emergency Era in Indian Politics, 21. Communist Party in India, 22. Janata Party

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