Genetics: Library Edition

Genetics: Library Edition

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  • ISBN : 9789355011947
  • Pages : 1312
  • Binding : Hardback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2022
  • Size : 6.75" X 9.5"

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• This book is especially prepared for the students of B.Sc. and M.Sc. of different Indian Universities as per UGC Model Curriculum. Students, preparing for Medical Entrance Examination, IAS, IFS, and PCS etc. will also be benefited by this book. At the end of some chapters of Genetic Engineering may enlighten the target readers.

• Entirely new information on Quantitative Genetics and Immunogenetics may enthral the readers. MCQ's ans answers will also be helpful for the students to strngthen their self confidence. By the help of numerous figures, many tables, boxes and coloured photographs, this book has tried to serve a balanced account of Classical Genetics and Modern Molecular Genetics.

• This book is for Graduate, P.G. students of Biophysics, Microbiology& Biological Sciences.

1. Introduction, 2. Profiles of Some Geneticists and Molecular Biologists,
Part-I: Physical Bases of Inheritance:
3. Cell, 4. Chromosomes, 5. Cell Division, 6. Gametogenesis,
7. Fertilization, 8. Life Cycles of Some Genetically Important Organisms,
Part-II: Classical Genetics or Transmission Genetics:
9. Mendel and his Work,10. Monohybrid Crosses and Law of Segregation, 11. Modification of 3:1 Phenotypic
Ratio, Lethal Genes, Penetrance, Expressivity and Pleiotropism, 12. Dihybrid Crosses
and Mendel's Law of Independent Assortment, 13. Physical Basis of Inheritance
(Chromosome Theory of Inheritance), 14. Genetic Interaction (Interaction of Genes),
15. Biometry and Statistical Applications in Genetics, 16. Inheritance of Quantitative Traits
(Multiple Genes), 17. Multiple Alleles (Allelic Variations), 18. Blood Group Inheritance
and Immunogenetics, 19. Linkage, 20. Crossing Over, 21. Genetic and Physical Mapping
of Chromosomes, 22. Haploid Mapping (Tetrad and Gene Conversion Analysis), Mitotic
Recombination in Haploid Organisms, 23. Sexuality and Recombination in Bacteria and
Viruses (Microbial Genetics), 24. The Gene (Fine Structure of Gene), 25. Determination
of Sex and Sex Differentiation, 26. Sex-linked Inheritance,
Part-III: Cytogenetics:
27. Chromosomal Mutation-I (Cytogenetics: Numerical Changes in Chromosomes),
28. Chromosomal Mutation-II (Cytogenetics: Structural Changes in Chromosomes),
29. Human Cytogenetics and Syndromes,
Part-IV: Molecular Genetics:
30. Identification of the Genetic materials, 31. Chemical Nature of Genetic Materials (i.e., DNA and
RNA), 32. Organization of Genetic Material, 33. Plasmids, IS Elements, Transposons
and Retroelements, 34. Multigene Families, 35. Replication of DNA, 36. Transcription,
37. Messenger RNA, 38. rRNA and tRNA, 39. Genetic Code, 40. Phenotypic
Expression of Gene (Biochemical Genetics), 41. Translation, 42. Post-Translational
Processing of Proteins, 43. Regulation of Gene Action in Bacteria and Viruses,
44. Regulation of Gene Action in Eukaryotes,
Part-V: Miscellaneous Genetical Topics:
45. Genetics of Development, 46. Alteration of Genetic Material (Point Mutation),
47. Population Genetics, 48. Cytoplasmic, Extra-chromosomal or Extra-nuclear Inheritance,
49. Immunogenetics, 50. Genetics of Cancer, 51. Human Genetics, 52. Inbreeding,
Outbreeding and Hybrid Vigour, 53. Eugenics, Euthenics and Euphenics, Part-VI: Genetic
Engineering: 54. Basic Principles of Gene Cloning, 55. Enzymes of Genetic
Engineering, 56. Gene Cloning Vectors, 57. Genetic Engineering (Isolation, Sequencing
and Synthesis of Gene), 58. Genetic Engineering and Future, 59. Genomic Mapping,
60. Genomics, Binformatics and Proteomics • Glossary • Selected Reading • Index

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