An Introduction to Anthropological Thought

An Introduction to Anthropological Thought

Author : Makhan Jha

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  • ISBN : 9780706986891
  • Pages : 244
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • Size : 5.5 X 8.5

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Anthropological Thought is a compulsory paper for the Post‐Graduate students of Anthropology and Sociology in Indian Universities. Anthropology has also been introduced as one of the optional papers in the I.A.S. examination. Thus, the present book had been written considering the requirements of the students of Anthropology, Sociology and examinees of the Central Services. The present volume is the revised and enlarged edition, which will be highly useful to the students, teachers and researchers.
This text book, thus, is first of its kind in India, where thought, theories, meaning and views on the origin, history, diffusion, structure, function and personality of culture have been interpreted and analysed so meticulously. Theoretical contributions of Indian anthropologists and the pioneering works of some independent sociologists and anthropologists of world viz. Franz Boas, Kroeber, Redfield, Durkheim, Levi‐Strauss, Marx, Engels, Sapir, Parsons, Spencer, Louis Dumont, Fei Hsiao Tung etc., besides six schools of thought have also been discussed in this book for the benefits of the students and teachers.

• Interpretation of Culture given at the outset
• Accounts of all the schools of thought on anthropology
• Contributions of Indian anthroplogists and sociologists
• Brief bio sketch and works of some foreign anthroplogists and sociologists

1. Origin of Anthropology: A Historical Perspective, 2. Interpretations of Culture, 3. Evolutionary School of Thought, 4. Diffusionist School of Thought, 5. Functional School of Thought, 6. Structural School of Thought, 7. Pattern School of Thought, 8. Culture and Personality School of Thought, 9. Theoretical Contributions of Indian Anthropologists, 10. Some Independent World Anthropologists and Sociologists

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