An Introduction to Social Anthropology

An Introduction to Social Anthropology

Author : Makhan Jha

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  • ISBN : 9780706991017
  • Pages : 228
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • Size : 5.5 X 8.5

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An Introduction to Social Anthropology is a highly useful textbook for IAS examinees. Social Anthropology is a compulsory paper not only for the students of Central Services, but also for the students of anthropology and sociology and that's why all the aspects of social anthropology, viz., its relation to different branches of anthropology; sociological topics like Society, Community, Institution, Association, Group, Band & Tribe, Culture & Civilization, etc., Tribal Marriage, Family Kinship, Economic Organisation, Political Organisation, Religion, Totem and Taboo, Magic, etc., have been seriously dealt with keeping in view the requirements of students of Central Services. Field methods in anthropology, definition of hypothesis and methodology, etc., have been nicely explained at on place to ease the problems of the students.

1. Meaning and Scope of Anthropology and its Main Branches, 2. Emergence of Man - Biological Evolution, 3. Cultural Evolution: Broad Outlines of Prehistoric Cultures, 4. Concepts of Community, Society and Culture, 5. Marriage and Family in Primitive Societies, 6. Kinship System, 7. Economic Anthropology, 8. Political Anthropology, 9. Anthropology of Religion, 10. Medical Anthropology, 11. Development Anthropology, 12. Anthropology and the Contemporary Societies, 13. Field Work and Field Work Traditions in Anthropology

• Social and culture anthropology defined
• Concepts of community, society, culture, marriage and kinship system explained
• Anthropology of all types, namely, economic, political, religious, medical, developmental described.
• Role of anthropology in understanding international relations, management of food, water, environment, economic system and population dynamics elicited

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