Diversity of Chordates - NEP 2020 | LPSPE Edition

Diversity of Chordates - NEP 2020 | LPSPE Edition

Author : VK Agarwal

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  • ISBN : 9789358705812
  • Pages : 512
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2024
  • Size : 6.50*9.25

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This textbook has been designed to meet the needs of B.Sc. Second Semester students of Zoology for the recommended National Education Policy 2020. It comprehensively covers the theory and practical papers, namely, Diversity of Chordates. The theory part of this book aptly discusses the classes of chordates, level of organisation and evolutionary relationship between different subphyla and classes, within and outside the phylum. The book teaches the students about the diversity in animals and their distinguishing features and help the students to understand the habit and habitat of chordates in marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems. Relevant experiments corresponding to the theoretical topics and examples have been presented systematically to help students achieve sound conceptual understanding and learn experimental procedures.

  • More than 350 well-labelled diagrams have been provided for easy understanding of the concepts
  • Boxed items throughout the text providing information on intricate terms and topics
  • Engaging chapter-end exercises have been provided for practice
  • Collection of experiments to stimulate interest and aid in learning and memorizing the practical aspect of the subject

  • Phylum Chordata
  • Origin and Evolution of Chordata
  • Cephalochordata: General Characters, Classification and Types
  • Branchiostoma (Amphioxus or Lancelet)
  • Urochordata: General Characters, Classification and Types
  • Urochordata: Herdmania
  • Class Cyclostomata and Petromyzon
  • Vertebrates and Pisces
  • Class Amphibia: General Characters, Classification and Types
  • Amphibia (Origin, Affinities, Parental Care and Heterochrony: Axolotl, Neoteny, etc.)
  • Class Reptilia: General Characters, Classification and Types
  • Poisonous and Non-poisonous Snakes; Biting Apparatus and Biting Mechanism
  • Class Aves (The Birds): General Characters, Classification and Types
  • The Pigeon: Columba livia
  • Class Mammalia: General Characters, Classification and Types



  • Parmanent Slides of Amphioxus
  • Microscopic Studies of Amphioxus
  • Herdmania: Whole Mount and Spicules
  • Cyclostomata: Case Study Petromyzon and Myxine
  • Class: Chondrichthyes (Cartilaginous Fishes)
  • Museum Specimens of Amphibia
  • Museum Specimens of Reptilia
  • Types of Beaks in Birds
  • Case Studies

B.Sc. Zoology Students

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