Zoology for B.Sc. Students Semester I: NEP 2020 Uttar Pradesh

Zoology for B.Sc. Students Semester I: NEP 2020 Uttar Pradesh

Author : VK Agarwal

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  • ISBN : 9789355011435
  • Pages : 632
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2023
  • Size : 6.5 X 9.25

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This textbook has been designed to meet the needs of B.Sc. First Semester students of Zoology as per the Common Minimum Syllabus prescribed for all Uttar Pradesh State Universities and Colleges under the recommended National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020). It comprehensively covers two papers, namely Theory paper on Cytology, Genetics and Infectious Diseases and Practical paper on Cell Biology & Cytogenetics Lab. While this textbook gives a thorough overview of genetics and infectious diseases, it aptly covers important topics such as structure and functions of cell organelles, nucleus, cell cycle, cell division, human chromosomes & its pattern of inheritance. The text part also discusses the pathogenic organisms and the infectious diseases caused by them. Practical part covering Cell Biology & Cytogenetics Lab has been presented systematically to help students achieve sound conceptual understanding and learn experimental procedures.

·         Relevant and well-labelled diagrams have been provided for easy understanding of the concepts

·         Engaging chapter-end exercises have been provided for practice

·         Collection of experiments to stimulate interest and aid in learning & memorizing the practical aspect of the subject

1: Introduction
2: Prokaryotic Cell and Eukaryotic Cell
3: Plasma Membrane
4: Cell-Cell Interactions: Cell Junctions, Cell Adhesion and Extracellular Matrix (ECM)
5: Endomembrane System: I. Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
6: Endomembrane System: II. Golgi Apparatus
7: Endomembrane system: III. Protein Targeting and Sorting; Endocytosis and Exocytosis
8: Cytoskeleton: (Microtubules, Microfilaments, Intermediate Filaments)
9: Mitochondria
10: Structure and Functions of Peroxisomes, Ribosomes and Lysosomes
11: Nucleus
12: DNA and RNA (Genetic Materials)
13: Chromosomes and Types of DNA
14: Non-genetic RNAs
15: Cell Cycle and Cell Divisions: Mitosis and Meiosis
16: Apoptosis or Programmed Cell Death (PCD)
17: Cell Signalling (Messengers, Receptors and Signal Transduction)
18: Introduction and History of Genetics
19: Mendel's Laws, Monohybrid and Dihybrid Crosses
20: Complete Dominance, Incomplete Dominance and Codominance
21: Penetrance and Expressivity
22: Chromosomal and Environmental Sex Determination and Sex Differentiation
23: Sex Linkage (Sex-linked Inheritance)
24: Multiple Alleles
25: Interactions of Genes
26: Sex Influenced and Sex Limited Characteristics; Genomic Imprinting and Anticipation (Fragile-X Syndrome)
27: Non-Chromosomal Inheritance (Cytoplasmic Inheritance)
28: Inheritance of Continuous Characteristics (Polygenic Inheritance) and Environmental Effects on Gene Expression
29: Human Chromosomes, Karyotypes and Chromosomal Anomalies
30: Human Genetics (Pedigree Analysis; Pattern of Inheritance)
31: Infectious Diseases of Human beings
32: Trypanosoma
33: Giardia
34: Wuchereria bancrofti (Filaria) (Phylum Nematoda)
 Practical- PAPER II: Cell Biology & Cytogenetics Lab

1: Study of Different Cell Types in Tissues
2: Study of Mitosis
3: Study of Meiosis in a Animal Cell
4: Molecular Models
5: Osmosis
6: Study of Parasites Protozoans, Helminths
7: Preparation of Temporary and Permanent Mounting
8: Mutant Phenotypes of Drosophila
9: Study of Giant Chromosomes
10: Study of Sex Shromatin (Barr Bodies) in Buccal Smear (Human)
11: Preparation of Pedigree Chart

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For B.Sc. Zoology Students

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