Wason’s Double Entry Book Keeping – Financial Accounting-Class-XI, 2022/e

Wason’s Double Entry Book Keeping – Financial Accounting-Class-XI, 2022/e

Author : V. Wason

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CBSE has decided to assess students through questions based on ';Remembering', ';Understanding', ';Applying', ';Analysing', ';Evaluating' and ';Creating'. Keeping this in view, plenty of Case Studies have been included in this book. For example, in Chapter 3, Accounting Assumptions and Principles have been explained with the help of case studies based on real-life situations. Perhaps first of its kind, this readable and entertaining book provides a roadmap to navigate entry to the field of Accountancy. Further, the present edition incorporates the effects of introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and all Accounting standards issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Special features of the book are as follows:
Theory in a simple and lucid language.
♦ A large number and variety of Illustrations to give sound knowledge of various concepts.
♦ Formats of solutions strictly as per the examination pattern.
♦ Tutorial Notes to provide sound conceptual base.
♦ Must Remember Concepts.
♦ Diagrams and Tables for easy understanding of the concepts.
♦ A large number of Very Short Answer Type Questions and Answers at the end of each chapter.
♦ Model Test Papers in each unit with hints and answers.
♦ Alphabetical Glossary of all important terms used in the book.
Feedback from teaching fraternity has always been motivation for me. Hence, with due regard and gratitude, I acknowledge the contributions made by all of them for their extremely useful suggestions.
I am greatly indebted to CA Pankhuri Wason and Ms. Stuti Wason who supported and remained associated with me throughout the revision process.
I am extremely grateful to Ms. Simar Thukral (aka Swati Wason) who has helped me in the revision process.

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