ISC Absolute English for Classes XI-XII

ISC Absolute English for Classes XI-XII

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ISC Absolute English for Classes XI and XII is a textbook written according to the latest syllabus prescribed by the Council of Indian School Examinations, and as per the latest guidelines given by the NEP outlining different types of essays with illustrative examples augmenting the students' writing skill, and also enabling them to write creatively and effectively. The book, therefore, dwells on every aspect of Composition, Comprehension and Grammar, in well-defined parts to facilitate learning.

Key features
•It covers the entire syllabus prescribed by the Council of Indian School Certificate New Delhi, for the ISC Examinations in and after 2023.
•The book has six parts which is further divided into two sections till Part IV (Sections A and B). Section A focuses on skills required to write a good Composition, be it an Essay, Report, Proposal or Comprehension, while Section B dwells on Grammar, Language Skills with extensive exercises and examples.
•Few sample essays of previous years' examination, and suggested outline of important essays have also been given.
•Project Work is given in Part V of the book that comprises Listening, Speaking and Writing Skills with elaborate examples and marking pattern.
•Composition Essays that have been asked in the ISC Examinations from the year 1994 onwards is also included in the book.
•Directed Writing, Proposal Writing and Functional Grammar is also included in the book.
•The book is in two-colour with better appearance.
•A collection of 16 Specimen papers is reproduced in the same form as in the ISC Examinations which is provided in Part VI.For self-assessment answers have been provided at the end. Sufficient writing space has also been made available for writing the answers.
•Latest ISC Specimen Paper and Answers for exercises in Grammar are also provided in Part VI.
•This book adheres to the essence of the NEP in its resources by emphasising on creative thinking, life skills and holistic education.

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