S Chand's Headlights Class 5  English Skill Book

S Chand's Headlights Class 5 English Skill Book

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  • ISBN : 9789358704235
  • Pages : 96
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2024
  • Series : S. Chand’s Headlights English

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"S. Chand's Headlights aligns perfectly with the National Curriculum Framework 2023 and embraces the experiential approach rooted in ';learn by doing'. It has been meticulously designed to fulfil the most essential curricular goals and learning outcomes listed by the NCF 2023. Focussing on a seamless progression from simple to complex, the series is dedicated to fostering curiosity, critical thinking and application of knowledge in an interesting and exciting manner.

Course Book:
• Places a strong emphasis on language through literature, immersing young learners in captivating stories and texts to enhance their reading abilities and enrich their vocabulary and writing skills.
• Promotes values like empathy, respect, honesty and responsibility through the themes.
• Includes special tasks and challenges to develop 21st Century skills.
• Incorporates problem-solving activities, encouraging learners to think analytically and creatively.
Skill Book:
• Consolidates grammar topics derived from the Course Book texts, ensuring a strong grasp of essential language structures; it also addresses Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) skills and encourages young minds to appreciate poetry.
• Focusses on SDGs (Grades 1-2) through grammar to give learners a sense of being part of a larger global community."

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