Awareness Environmental Education IX

Awareness Environmental Education IX

Author : M P Mishra

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Awareness Environmental Education - Individuals in Society is based on the NCF (National Curriculum Framework 2023). It has been designed to assist the students in achieving the learning outcomes of the latest curriculum laid down by the National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT) and is aligned with NEP 2020. This book incorporates all the significant elements of the content, process, teaching-learning strategies & expected learning outcomes. It is hoped that this book will provide direct and systematic knowledge of environmental concepts, theories, considerations, issues, and actions through classroom- and outdoor-learning. It is further hoped that this book will stimulate among students a true love for nature by encouraging them to undertake project formulation, surveys, observations, interviews, field trips, collection, compilation, and documentation of mini-research activities.

•Provides concise and accurate treatment of the subject
•Uses multicolour printing that makes more realistic and appealing interface for the student
•Contains engaging and informative information based on real-life examples and facts which integrate with NEP 2020
•Consists methodical content that motivates the student and arouses interest in current affairs, social well-being, environment, conservation, and sustainable development and their implementation
•Includes Integrated Environmental Science which refers to the combination of science and social science in environmental education process
•Covers relationship between human beings and physical environment and how they are affecting everything

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