Awareness Social Sciences for Class X

Awareness Social Sciences for Class X

Author : Suman Gupta

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• Brief Introduction at the beginning of each chapter provides an overview about the topics to be taught in the
• Timeline is a chronological presentation of important dates and historical events
• Do you Know in chapters provide interesting information related to the topics
• Definitions help in enhancing the existing knowledge with add-ons
• Maps provide an idea about the geographical locations of historical events and developments as well as physical
features, distribution of natural vegetation, wild life, climate and population
• Illustrations provide visual interpretation and exhaustive data have been given in tables
• Flowcharts provide information given in an easy-to-learn tabulated format
• Key Words provide meaning of new and difficult words
• Crosswords given in Economics help the students to understand the new terms in a better way
• Debate Topics have been included in Democratic Politics which will instigate the young brains to explore and
initiate in developing their own opinion
• Rapid Fire questions in Contemporary India will help the students to know the subject at the micro level
• Let's Recapitulate includes in-text questions which will help in revising the topics immediately after going
through the main text
• Exercises at the end of the chapter will test and reinforce what has been learnt
• NCERT Exercises with Solutions have been included in very simple language and lucid style
• Chapter Tree given at the end of each chapter will provide all the topics and concepts in a nutshell which will help
the students in better understanding
• Know the Personalities given as an Appendix at the end of the book that provides a brief about the famous
people from the past
• Web Resources will help the students in exploring the Internet for further information
• Case-based Study (Paragraph-based) and Assertion-Reason Questions given at the end of the book

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