S Chand's ICSE History & Civics Class IX

S Chand's ICSE History & Civics Class IX

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"S. Chand's ICSE History & Civics for Class IX strictly adheres to the latest ICSE syllabus. It is divided into three
sections—Civics, Indian History and Contemporary World. The book helps the students to understand the
constitutional articles, process of elections and the local self-government; ancient Indian history and the
medieval India and the modern age in Europe

● Bullet points at the beginning of each chapter provide an idea about the topics to be taught in
the chapter
● Snippets in chapters provide additional information related to the topic
● Boxes elucidate points that are briefly mentioned in the main text
● Maps provide an idea about the geographical locations of historical events and developments
● Charts provide information given in easy-to-learn tabulated format
● Highlights at the end of each chapter aim at a quick recapitulation of the topics that have been
covered in the chapter
● Picture Study aims to test the observational skills and interpretative skills of the students
● Rights given in the appendix covers the additional rights given to the Indian citizens
● Government Initiatives will cover all the new initiatives taken by the government for all the citizens
● Exam Time will help to reduce the anxiety and tension just before the exams"

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