Complete Foundation Guide for IIT JEE Mathematics Book 8

Complete Foundation Guide for IIT JEE Mathematics Book 8

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IIT-JEE, Entrance, Maths, Mathematics, MCQs, Assertion-Reasoning

• Knowing a Legend is a section that introduces an inspiring Math prodigy to the students.
 • 3-level assignments as Easy go, Step up, Toughen up, preparing the children for cracking IIT entrance & JEE were never so effective before. Every chapter will have a session of questions under the name IIT-JEE corner.
• Topic Tree helps the children to remember how the topics and the sub-topics are connected. This is more
effective than directly diving into the topic.
• Target@ Competitive Examinations section is a quick summary of the important points that students need
to glance through before the examination.
• Math Flash randomly occurs throughout the book to give a quick fact or information about the related topic.
• Twiddle ';n' Riddle gives a quick witty challenge to the students. This not only takes students away from the monotony of learning but also adds fun and improves lateral thinking skills in students.
• Reasoning and Aptitude is a section that helps the students to analyse the facts and arrive at a problem
solution. • Mock Tests included in the books give a hands-on simulating experience of actual competitive examinations.
These are given along with the instructions for the students.

1. Primary Number System 
 2. Integers
 3. Factors and Multiples
 4. Fractions
 5. Decimals
 6. Squares and Square Roots
 7. Ratio, Proportion and Unitary Method 
 8. Percentages 
 9. Algebra 
10. Geometry 
11. Polygons and Circles
12. Length and Mass
13. Perimeter and Area 
14. Sets 
15. Statistics 
Reasoning and Aptitude 
Mock Tests - 1 and 2

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