Complete Foundation Guide for IIT-JEE Chemistry Class 9

Complete Foundation Guide for IIT-JEE Chemistry Class 9

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Complete Foundation Guide for IIT-JEE is a series of books for Classes 6 to 10. This series has been designed to cater to different academic needs with effective features to enable students not only to excel in the subject, but also take up IIT-JEE and other entrance examinations confidently, ensuring success.

• Knowing a Legend, a section that gives brief information about a Scientist or a Mathematician that inspires young
• Inside the Chapter, a section at the beginning of each chapter that provides an idea about the topics
to be taught
• Concept Test Exercises, in-text exercises that will help in revising the topics immediately after going through the
main text and will help to enhance the knowledge
• Solved Examples are questions with solutions provided for better understanding of the topics
• Concept Map, a section at the end of the chapter that gives an idea of all the concepts taught in the chapter and is
shown through a detailed map which helps the students to summarise the whole chapter
• Exercises have been divided into different categories which will help the students to understand the examination
pattern of IIT-JEE more easily
• Made in India!, a section ab

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