A Textbook of CBSE Biology for Class XII

A Textbook of CBSE Biology for Class XII

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A Textbook of CBSE Biology for Class XII, by Sarita Aggarwal, is strictly in accordance with the latest syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. It aims to teach biology to the students in such a manner so that they become informed citizens of the 21st century.

• Concise and accurate treatment of the subject matter
• Very simple language within the comprehension of students
• Comparative tables to highlight the differences between important terms
• Profusely illustrated with examples and well-labelled diagrams
• Subject matter is written in such a way that makes the scientific concepts clear and understandable
• All the chapters contain new material as per the latest syllabus
• At the end of each chapter, Important Points and Key Terms have been given for quick summary of the chapter
• Variety of Review Questions for self-assessment and recapitulation which include:
   • Objective Questions (Multiple choice questions, Fill in the blanks, Match the columns, True/False, One or two words answers, Assertion-Reason, Case/Source-based questions)
   • Subjective Questions (Short Answer Type and Long Answer Type Questions, Differentiate the following, Diagrammatic Questions)
   • Competitive Examination Questions
   • NCERT Textbook Questions (with Solutions)
    • Additional Questions with Solutions
• Questions from latest Examination Paper
• CBSE Sample Question Paper (Term I and Term II) with Solutions

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