S. Chand’s Objective Physics

S. Chand’s Objective Physics

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This book is written for the students preparing for the Medical and Engineering Entrance Examinations of all Indian Universities and Institutes. It is also useful for Civil Services (Prelim), J.R.F, other Examinations.

Unit-1: 1. Measurement: Units, Dimensions and Errors, 2. Scalars and Vectors • Brainteasers-I, Unit-2: 3. Motion in a Straight Line, 4. Motion in a Plane I:
Projectile Motion, 5. Forces and Newton's Laws of Motion, 6. Work, Energy and Power, 7. Conservation of Momentum Centre of Mass. Collisions, 8. Motion in
a Plane II: Circular Motion, 9. Rotational Motion, 10 Gravitation, 11. Simple Harmonic Motion • Brainteasers-II, Unit-3: 12. Elasticity, 13. Fluid Statics, 14. Flow
of Ideal Fluids, 15. Viscosity, 16. Surface • Brainteasers-III, Unit-4: 17. Thermal Expansion. Gas Laws and Kinetic Theory of Gases. Thermometry, 18. Heat,
Work and The Laws of Thermodynamics, 19. Modes of Heat Transfer, • Brainteasers-IV, Unit-5: 20. Waves, 21. Superposition of Waves. Acoustics of Buildings • Brainteasers-V, Unit-6: 22. Ray Optics and Optical Instruments, 23. Wave Optics. Photometry • Brainteasers-VI, Unit-7: 24. Electrostatics, 25. Current Electricity, 26. Thermal and Chemical Effects of Current. Thermoelectricity • Brainteasers-VII, Unit-8: 27. Moving Charges and Magnetic Field, 28. Magnetic Dipole and Magnetism, 29. Electromagnetic Induction & Electromagnetic Waves, 30. Alternating Current Circuits • Brainteasers-VIII, Unit-9: 31. Atomic and Quantum Physics, 32. Nuclear Physics, 33. Solids and Electronic Devices • Brainteasers-IX • Self - Assessment Tests (Set-I & II) • Entrance Test Questions

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