Treescape Class 1 Semester 1

Treescape Class 1 Semester 1

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  • ISBN : 9789352837991
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2020
  • Series : Treescape (Semester Books)

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Treescape, a semester series for LKG to class 5, comprises a set of 14 books, 2 per class with 1 book for each semester. The core subjects are English, Mathematics, EVS/Science, Social Studies and GK. The course components derive from the guidelines provided in the National Curriculum Framework for School Education


Here we go!; Warm up section

Words to know: Meanings of difficult words

Grammar: Graded grammar exercises

Values and life skills: Questions and activities founded on real-life scenarios


Learning outcomes: Pointwise chapter content

Looking back/Warm-up: Activity-based introduction to the chapter

Teacher's tip: Suggestions to teachers for effective teaching

Chapter test: Assessment questions based on the chapter taught

Worksheet: Practice questions

MCQs: Options based questions

Mental Maths: Tricky questions to develop reasoning and logical abilities

Challenge: HOTS question to develop analysing skills.

Environmental Studies

Let's begin: Warm-up activity

As a matter of fact: Interesting snippets of information

Mind map: Summary of the chapter for easy recall.

Let's remember: Points taught for easy recapitulation

Let's learn the meanings: Meanings of difficult words

Let's do an activity: Hands-on, do-it-yourself activities

Let's think: HOTS questions to develop application of the concept.

Let's have fun: Fun activities

Let's value: Activities/questions that encourage values in students

Test Papers: Assessment papers

General Knowledge

Innovative and creative worksheets

Theme-based activity pages

Topical information given in interesting way

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