S Chand's Headlights Class 5  World Around Us Course Book

S Chand's Headlights Class 5 World Around Us Course Book

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"S. Chand's Headlights aligns perfectly with the National Curriculum Framework 2023 and embraces the experiential approach rooted in ';learn by doing'. It has been meticulously designed to fulfil the most essential curricular goals and learning outcomes listed by the NCF 2023. Focussing on a seamless progression from simple to complex, the series is dedicated to fostering curiosity, critical thinking and application of knowledge in an interesting and exciting manner.

• Takes an innovative story-based approach, adding an exciting dimension to the learning process
• Uses engaging plots and visually appealing illustrations not only to captivate learners but also to help them understand and internalise the main topics
• Offers a rich learning experience for learners, focussing on conceptual clarity and skill development through a narrative Project Booklet:
• Uses visual infographs to communicate information quickly and clearly
• Includes map work to help learners develop and enhance their map-reading and map-interpretation skills
• Fosters emotional and social well-being of learners, equips them with essential life skills and helps them establish a cross-curricular connection with other disciplines"

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