Engineering Geology

Engineering Geology

Author : D V Reddy

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  • ISBN : 9789325992351
  • Pages : 628
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • © year : 2017
  • Size : 6.75" x 9.5"

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Engineering Geology is a multidisciplinary subject that interacts with other disciplines, such as mineralogy, petrology, structural geology, hydrogeology, seismic engineering, rock engineering, soil mechanics, geophysics, remote sensing (RS-GIS-GPS) and environmental geology. This book is the only one of its kind in the Indian market that caters to the students of all these subjects.
Engineers require a deep understanding, interpretation and analyses of earth sciences before suggesting engineering designs and remedial measures to combat natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, debris flows, tsunamis and floods. This book covers all aspects of engineering geology and is intended to serve as a reference for practising civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, marine engineers, geologists and mining engineers. Engineering Geology has also been designed as a textbook for students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in advanced/applied geology and earth sciences. A plethora of examples and case studies relevant to the Indian context have been included for better understanding of the geological challenges faced by engineers.

• The concept of watershed and the depiction of watershed atlas of India
• Latest findings by the Indian Bureau of Mines
• Recent developments in coastal engineering and innovative structures
• New types of protective structures to guard against tsunamis
• Role of geology in building smart cities
• Environmental legislation in India

• Introduction to Geology and its Branches • Interior of the Earth • Engineering Geology • Crystallography and Mineralogy • Petrology • Structural Geology • Weathering of Rocks • Geological Work on Soils • Geological Work of Rivers • Geological Work of Oceans and Coastal Zone Management • Groundwater • Earthquakes, Seismic Hazards and Natural Disasters • Tsunamis and Coastal Zone Management • Site Investigation Techniques for Civil Engineering Projects • Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) • Investigations for Dams and Reservoirs • Tunnels and Underground Excavations • Landslides and Mass Movement • Buildings and Smart Cities • Bridges • Stratigraphy of India: Economic and Engineering Significance • Environmental Geology and Geotechnology

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