Advanced Chemistry of Rare Elements

Advanced Chemistry of Rare Elements

Author : Satya Prakash

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  • ISBN : 9788121942546
  • Pages : 720
  • Binding : Perfect
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 1956
  • Size : 6.75''X9.5''

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For Postgraduate Students of Indian Universities

In the present edition of the book, a new layout of the book with good looking pictures and tables has been brought for better understading.

Part-I: Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Bonding: 1. Atom: Wave Nature and
Configuration, 2. Electron Clouds, Covalent and Ionic Radii, 3. Molecular Orbitals,
4. Valence Bond Theory of Chemical Bonding, 5. Hybridization and Applications of
Valence Bond Theory, 6. Chemical Bonding and its Molecular Orbital Theory, 7. Coupling of Angular Momenta and Magnetic Moments, 7A. Symmetry Elements and Infra-red Spectrum, 8. Transitional Elements, 9. Complexes, Ligands and Molecular Orbital Field Theory, 9A. Ligand Field Theory and Spectra of Transition Metal Complexes, 9B. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Part-II: Non-Transitional Elements: 10. Inert Gases of the Zero Group, 11. Rare Elements of the Alkali Group-I, 12. Rare Elements of the Alkali Group-II, 13. Rare Elements of the Alkaline Earth Group-I, 14. Radium and Radon, 15. Rare Elements of Boron-Aluminium Group-I: Gallium, 16. Rare Elements of Boron-Aluminium Group-II: Indium, 17. Rare Elements of Boron-Aluminium Group-III: Thallium, 18. Rare Elements of the Carbon Group: Germanium, 19. Rare Elements of the
Oxygen-Sulphur Group-I: Selenium, 20. Rare Elements of the Oxygen- Sulphur Group-II: Tellurium and Polonium, 21. Elements-85 - Alabamine or Astatine, Part-III: Transitional Elements: 22. Scandium, 23. Lanthanide Series or Rare Earths, 24. Rare Elements of the Titanium Sub-Group-I: Titanium, 25. Elements of the Titanium Sub-Group-II, 26. Elements of the Titanium Sub-Group-III: Hafnium, 27. Elements of the Titanium Sub-Group-IV: Thorium, 28. Rare Elements of the Vanadium Sub-Group-I: Vanadium, 29. Elements of the Vanadium Sub-Group-II: Columbium or Niobium, 30. Elements of the Vanadium Sub-Group-III: Tantalum, 31. Rare Elements of the Chromium Sub-Group-I: Molybdenum, 32. Rare Elements of the Chromium Sub-Group-II: Tungsten or Wolfram, 33. Rare Elements of the Chromium Sub-Group-III: Uranium, 34. Rare Elements of Manager Sub-Group - Rhenium and Technetium, 35. Platinum Metals-I: Ruthenium, 36. Platinum Metals-II: Rhodium, 37. Platinum Metals-III: Palladium, 38. Platinum Metals-IV: Osmium, 39. Platinum Metals-V: Iridium, 40. Platinum Metals-VI: Platinum, 41. Actinium and Protoactinium, 42. Transuranium Elements • Index

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