Structural Engineering (Conventional and Objective Type)

Structural Engineering (Conventional and Objective Type)

Author : P Dayaratnam

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  • Pages : 608
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  • Language : English
  • Imprint : S Chand Publishing
  • © year : 2019
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For a decade, Structural Engineering (Conventional and Objective Type) has provided fundamental knowledge of the subject to the students of Civil Engineering and aspirants of GATE students. Divided in 10 parts, each of which delves in primary topics of the subject. Major topics which are dealt with Structural Materials, Architectural Materials, Solid Mechanics and Structural Systems, Design of Steel Structures, Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures, Design of Masonry and Timber Structures, Construction Technology, Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering and GATE Questions.

• New 10 years GATE Questions with Answers at the end of book specifically catering to the subject of Structural Engineering (More than 200 questions).
• 10 parts and 72 chapters treat every topic of the subject with due importance.
• Close to 3000 Objective Questions.
• Every chapter is divided in 2 sections: Section A is called the browser and section B has objective questions.

Part One: Structural Materials:
1. Building Stones, 2. Clay Bricks and Tiles, 3. Aggregates for Concrete, 4. Cements, 5. Concrete Admixture, 6. Workability of Concrete, 7. Strength, Durability and Acceptance Criteria of Concrete, 8. Shrinkage and Creep in Concrete, 9. Timber, 10. Structural Steel

Part Two: Architectural and Building Materials:
1. Adhesives, 2. Paints, 3. Lime, 4. Gypsum, 5. Bitumen and Asphalt, 6. Plywood and Fiber Board, 7. Plastics, 8. Glass 

Part Three: Solid Mechanics and Structural Systems:
1. Sectional Properties, 2. Loads, 3. Shear Force and Bending Moment, 4. Stresses, 5. Strains and Stress-Strain Relations, 6. Deformations in Beams and Frames, 7. Concepts in Structural Analysis, 8. Methods in Structural Analysis, 9. Plastic Analysis of Structures

Part Four: Design of Steel Structures:
1. Tolerances in Structural Steel Construction, 2. Riveted and Bolted Joints, 3. Structural Welding, 4. Tension Members, 5. Struts and Columns, 6. Simple Bending Members, 7. Plate Girders and Trusses, 8. Industrial Building and Towers, 9. Introduction to Plastic Design, 10. Design of Water Tanks

Part Five: Design of Reinforced Cement Concrete Structures:
1. Stress Strains and Deflection in RC Structures, 2. Working Stress Design of Compression Members, 3. Working Stress Design of RC Beams and Slabs, 4. Limit State Design of RC Beams and Slabs, 5. Cover, Tolerance and other Requirements in RC, 6. RC Liquid Storage Structures, 7. Bunkers, Silos and Bins, 8. Ultimate Strength Design

Part Six: Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures:
1. Concepts and Definitions, 2. Materials and Permissible Stresses, 3. Working Stress Design, 4. Limit State Design of Beams, 5. Design for Shear Force, 6. Concreting, Curing, Grouting, Formwork etc., 7. Prestress, Cables and Sheeting, 8. Tolerances, Covers, Spacing etc., 9. Anchorage Bond etc.

Part Seven: Design of Masonry and Timber Structures:
1. Design of Wooden Structures, 2. Design of Masonry Structures

Part Eight: Building Construction:
1. Building By-Laws, 2. Masonry Construction, 3. Scaffolding Formwork in Concrete Construction, 4. Building Construction Finishes and Joints, 5. Cold Weather Concreting, 6. Tolerances in Steel Construction, 7. Tolerances in Concrete Construction

Part Nine: Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering:
1. Definitions and Concepts in Soil Mechanics, 2. Flow through Soils, 3. Consolidation, Compressibility and Shear Strength, 4. Earth Pressure and Stability, 5. Bearing Capacity and Settlement of Soils, 6. Design of Shallow Foundations Footings, 7. Pavements, 8. Pile Foundations, 9. Well and Caisson Foundations

Part Ten: Structural Engineering Keywords and GATE Questions:
• Structural Engineering Keywords and Brief Meaning
• GATE Questions

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