Programming With Visual Basic 6.0

Programming With Visual Basic 6.0

Author :Mohammed Azam

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  • ISBN : 9788125909323
  • Pages : 480
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Language : English
  • Imprint : Vikas Publishing
  • Size : 7.25 X 9.5

Price : 540.00 432.00

Simple, user‐friendly and well‐written, this book is designed for those who are learning Visual Basic for the first time. This book guides readers through the steps involved in creating a simple application and covers various issues such as Interface Design, Database Design, Distributing an Application, etc. It also demystifies topics like ActiveX and adopts a simple, easy‐to‐follow approach throughout the book.

Part One:
1. Welcome to Visual Basic (VB), 2. Creating An Application, 3. 2nd Look a Ide, Forms and Controls, 4. Variables in Visual Basic, 5. Writing Code in Visual Basic, 6. Working with Files, 7. Menus, 8. Multiple Document Interface Application, 9. Debugging Tips, 10. The Common Dialog Control, 11. Introduction to Databases, 12. Working with the Data Control, 13. Data Access Objects, 14. Additional Controls Available in Visual Basic 6.0, 15. ActiveX Data Objects, 16. Crystal and Data Reports, 17. Distributing Your Application

Part Two:
18. ActiveX, 19. ActiveX and Web Pages, 20. ActiveX Documents

Part Three:
21. An Invoicing Program, 22. Developing An Application

• Appendices • Glossary • Index

• Includes small, easy‐to‐do programs for day‐to‐day activities
• Explains MDI form in detail
• Discusses ADO and how it can be used
• Covers Debugging and how to reduce the number of errors in a program
• Includes ActiveX and how to build ActiveX controls
• Explains how to create and use an invoice program as a model for other development
• Exercises in each chapter and after every section

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