Industrial Engineering and Production Management

Industrial Engineering and Production Management

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  • Pages : 1160
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  • Language : English
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  • © year : 2018
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The revised edition of "Industrial Engineering and Production Management" is completely up to date with new and evolving concepts like Reconfigurable Manufacturing, Green Manufacturing and Remanufacturing to acquaint the reader with new and advanced trends in manufacturing with a strong focus on sustainable manufacturing. Also, manufacturing cost estimation is added to give a focus on cost estimation and cost optimization.
Apart from the content, the book has been re-organized into six sections with each chapter starting with Learning Objectives (LOs) and chapter outcomes apart from case studies to include practicing aspects of Indian Industries.

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• 24 New Chapters including Queuing Models, Simulation, Remanufacturing and Supply Chain Coordination and Bullwhip Effect among others
• Free On the Website: 5 New Chapters on: Competitive Strategies (Games Theory), Lean and Agile Supply Chain, Information Technologies and Supply Chain, Materials Management and Product and System Reliability
• Brand new text with latest in Production Management with dedicated chapters on Lean/Agile/Digital/Sustainable/Cellular Manufacturing

Section-I: Work System Design
1. Introduction to Industrial Engineering, 2. Productivity and Production Performance, 3. Work-Study, 4. Method Study, 5. Time Study (Work Measurement), 6. Job Design, 7. Value Engineering, 8. Job Evaluation and Merit Rating, 9. Wages and Incentives, 10. Ergonomics

Section-II: Production and Operations System Design
11. Production and Operations Management: Introduction, 12. Types of Production System, 13. Operations Strategy, 14. Product Design, 15. Process Planning, 16. Capacity Planning, 17. Plant Location, 18. Plant Layout, 19. Material Handling

Section-III: Production Planning and Control
20. Production Planning and Control, 21. Demand Forecasting, 22. Aggregate Planning, 23. Inventory Control, 24. Material Requirement Planning (MRP), 25. Production Scheduling and Control, 26. Maintenance Management, 27. Project Scheduling with CPM and PERT

Section-IV: Quantitative Techniques for Operations Decisions
28. Decision Theory, 29. Replacement Models, 30. Queuing Models, 32. Simulation Technique, 33. Production Cost Concepts and Break-even Analysis

Section-V: Supply Chain Management
34. Understanding Supply Chain, 35. Supply Chain Performance Drivers and Metrics, 36. Supply Chain Network Design, 37. Supply Chain Coordination and Bullwhip Effect, 38. Strategic Alliances in Supply Chain, 39. Supply Chain Integration

Section-VI: Advances and Trends in Operations Management
40. Lean Manufacturing, 41. Just in Time Manufacturing, 42. Agile Manufacturing, 43. Digital Manufacturing, 44. Sustainable Manufacturing, 45. Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems, 46. Remanufacturing, 47. Materials Management

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