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Earth Alive Social Studies

Earth Alive Social Studies

Earth Alive Social Studies is a social studies course for classes 3 to 5. The books aim to familiarise primary students with history, geography and civics in an easy-to-understand and child-friendly manner.

1. Warm up activities at the beginning of each lesson
2. Fact file gives interesting and informative facts
3. Project time encourages the students to do simple projects on what they have learnt
4. Thinking time assists the students to apply Higher Order Thinking Skills
5. Let's recall recapitulates the salient points learnt in the chapter
6. Answer time has ample exercises that help students to practise what has been learnt
7. Test papers help the teacher to test what has been learnt

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Earth Alive Social Studies Book-3

Panel of Experts
  • 485.00

Earth Alive Social Studies Book-4

Panel of Experts
  • 500.00

Earth Alive Social Studies Book-5

Panel of Experts
  • 530.00
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