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Rainbow Rhymes

Rainbow Rhymes

This is a series of rhymes (in three parts), specially prepared for small children, whose mother-tongue is not English. Starting with some well-known nursery rhymes, illustrated with multi-colour pictures, it depicts the things around them, what they daily see, watch, think and act. The words used in these rhymes are very simple and of daily use, but graded. Although each book is complete in itself, it forms a part of a single, coherent and well-aimed complete series.

  1. This series is a collection of well-known nursery rhymes supported by fascinating and colourful illustrations
  2. The rhymes are short, sweet, rhythmic and inspire children to sing, act and dance
  3. Includes a collection of both old and new rhymes


Rainbow Rhymes Book-1

  • 220.00

Rainbow Rhymes Book-2

  • 225.00

Rainbow Rhymes Book-3

  • 240.00
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