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S Chand Map Workbook

S Chand Map Workbook

"The S. CHAND MAP WORKBOOK has been designed to cover maximum parts of the CBSE syllabus for Geography, History, and Social and Political Life for Classes 6 to 8. The purpose of this book is to help students learn, understand, and enhance their knowledge of map reading, using practice lessons based on their course books. Maps in this series follow Survey of India (SOI)-approved maps and guidelines, which includes international borders of India, coastlines. All map data validated and authenticated from reliable sources such as Statistical Yearbook 2018, the Census of India 2011 and India Book 2022.

S Chand Map Workbook Class 6

S. Chand Experts
  • 265.00

S Chand Map Workbook Class 7

S. Chand Experts
  • 280.00

S Chand Map Workbook Class 8

S. Chand Experts
  • 305.00
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