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S.Chand Student's Companion

S.Chand Student's Companion

The aim of this series is to help young learners of English to expand their vocabulary, improve their grammar and attain communicative competence in the language. They are intended for the students at the secondary and higher secondary levels. It is comprehensive enough in scope to prove to be useful not only to students for whom it is primarily intended but to all those who wish to increase their proficiency in English. The multi-colour illustrations, by and large, make learning enjoyable.

1. S. Chand Student's Companion Part I and II are designed for a foundation course in English to help young learners increase their vocabulary and get a clear concept of English grammar.
2. These two books contain the essentials of grammar with focus on the points of usage which are often troublesome to non-native speakers of English.
3. These books largely follow a communicative approach and enable learners to use English correctly and effectively in real-life situations.
4. Some materials dealing with general knowledge have been supplemented to make these books more comprehensive in scope.

Grammar Books

S. Chand’s Students Companion (Part-1)

N D V Prasada Rao
  • 410.00

S. Chand’s Students Companion (Part-2)

N D V Prasada Rao
  • 475.00
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